What’s a house in the suburbs without a flawless-looking garage where all kinds of family things are stored? The garage has a multi-functional role in the life of suburban families, and it’s an essential part of the house for every family member.

The traditional understanding says that men take care of this part of the house, but with the gender roles equalizing in the last decade or two, it is now an obligation of every adult to mind the look of the garage and take great care of it.

In this article, we’re sharing six essential items for every family’s garage. If you’re new in this area of life, this article will help you find the right things and make the right moves to see your garage spotless and looking great. Follow up, and see what you must always have in the garage.

1. Extra lighting

Most garages in the past were designed to have very few lighting options. You want to have as much light as possible. We often store all kinds of things in the garage, and we fail to find them when we most need them because the light is poor.

If there’s no option to install more light bulbs, opt for an alternative solution. Find the best German-designed flashlights on the market and keep one by the door. Every time you walk inside and need an item, you can illuminate the area using the torch.

2. Safety items

The garage is part of your home, and if something happens to it, your entire house will be at risk. Make sure the place is fully protected by all means. An alarm protecting you from burglars is a wise idea, and installing a CCTV system is also something that may prevent theft.

Also, natural and human errors may sometimes cause floods and fire hazards. Always keep a fire extinguisher by the door, and develop a system that will drain the water out of the premises if flooding occurs. Safety is mandatory for every room in your home, and the garage is not an exception.

3. Tools of all kinds stored in toolboxes

Tools are made to be in the garage. You need the right toolbox to store them, though. Get enough pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, and place them in a designated place in your toolbox cabinets explicitly made for the part of the garage where it’s best to have them.

Some people like hanging the ones they most commonly use on the walls. They create special boards on which the tools hang at all times. However, others prefer not to because the environment may cause these tools to last shorter than usual. A toolbox keeps them safe, so consider what’s more important to you – convenience or longevity.

4. A hose and cleaning solutions

A hose connected to the water line and cleaning solutions is mandatory in the garage. If you want to see it clean and well-maintained at all times, you need these items. If you’re thinking about spending more time inside doing anything you like, you need to have the place spotless.

Some people prefer seeing their garages as part of the house, and they’ll vacuum the place instead of treating it as it is part of the yard. The hose will provide the cleaning power, and the solutions will take out eventual stains, dust, and other stuff. It’s your choice in the end, so choose whatever feels best for you.

5. Drill, wood cutting machine, and other heavy-duty items

Your home needs constant maintenance, repairs, and taking care of stuff. Whether it is a hole in the roof, a leaking faucet, or cutting off branches from the trees in the yard, you need the right machines for it. Most people buy these machines over their lives as the issues mandate, but there’s enough to fill the garage after a few years.

All these things are crucial for maintaining a healthy home, so don’t hesitate to buy most of the heavy-duty machines you’ve been borrowing from neighbors so far. Sooner or later, you’ll need them again, and boring all the time is not the right thing to do.

6. A great flooring

Flooring is something that some people ignore, but it can dramatically change the look of the place and helps maintain it too. The best option for the garage is linoleum flooring. The linoleum flooring is soft, feels cozy enough for the garage, and is extremely easy to clean.

If you have the traditional concrete or asphalt floor, you might want to add linoleum on top of it. This will change the entire look of the garage and make it much better. You can design the flooring yourself and end up with the family crest on the floor or decorate the entire place in the colors you prefer. The choices are unlimited.


These things we talked about above are essential for every family’s garage. Walk inside and see what there is. If all of these things we talked about are not perfectly incorporated inside your garage, you need to make some changes and get what we discussed above.

There must be perfect lighting. Then, you need safety items and tools properly stored in toolboxes. Then you’ll want to have the heavy-duty machines necessary in various situations, and finally, an excellent linoleum flooring to complete the great looks. Spend some time thinking about achieving this and creating the perfect garage.

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