Although these are some of the crucial factors to consider, there’s one more parameter of utmost importance, i.e., sustainability.

Unfortunately, every year we come across more and more bad news related to the environment and climate change. And the materials used for construction purposes serve to be a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

So, the industry has recently come up with many replaceable solutions that are environment-friendly and fulfill all your quality demands.

If you are planning on putting up a new roof or changing the old one, here are some sustainable options that will help curb your carbon footprint. To get professional help in the roof installation procedure, you can hire a reliable roofing expert like S.C.I. Roofing & Construction.

Top 7 Environment-Friendly Roofing Systems

Following are some eco-friendly roofing systems. All of them have a wide range of benefits besides just being sustainable. But choosing the right one for your purpose completely depends on your area, your budget, and the type of house you have.

  1. Solar Panel Roof 

We all know what solar panels are and what they do. So, you can either have a roof completely covered in proper solar panels or have them embedded in tiles or shingles. It will depend on your house’s roof because solar panels need strong support from the bottom as they are pretty heavy.

The solar panels on your roof can help you save up on energy costs by generating adequate renewable solar energy from the falling sun rays.

Although initially, the investment might seem large, it will last you for years, and you can completely rely on its energy generation without having to worry about electricity bills.

  1. Cool or White Roofs 

White roofs, as their name gives away, are made up of white materials like gravel and glue. Various colors have different light absorption levels.

While it is the highest for darker shades, white is the least heat-absorbent color.

So, if your roof is made up of white material, it will significantly lower the roof’s temperature and, therefore, your whole house. In addition, the white color reflects back the sun’s rays, which, in turn, help you save on air conditioning costs, thereby reducing CFC emissions.

Also, white roofs are pretty affordable. Hence, you need not spend a lot on the roofing material.

What-are-the-best-environment-friendly-roofing-syst What are the best environment-friendly roofing systems?

  1. Metal Roofing

It might sound like an odd roofing solution, yet it is highly eco-friendly.

It is true that the production of metal roofing materials comes with hefty costs both in terms of money and its effect on the environment. But if we talk about sustainability and durability, metal roofs are the best option.

They can last you decades without getting significantly damaged and are also a good material for maintaining the cold temperature of your house. Besides, metals are recyclable, so they are a great eco-friendly roofing option.

  1. Wooden Shingles or Shakes 

This roofing material is restricted to a limited number of house types owing to its nature. But using natural materials is always the best you can do for the environment if procured from sustainable sources.

These materials are biodegradable and give your house a timeless aesthetic appearance.

However, there are several drawbacks of using wooden material, which might not make it the best choice for your house.

Being biodegradable, as roofs are a part of the house that is most exposed to weather changes and other exterior factors, wooden shakes and shingles can get easily damaged, especially in areas with heavy rainfalls or high temperatures.

So, they are not as durable as other options, depending on the area you live in.

  1. Green Roof 

Unlike the white roof, this roofing system is not about the color of the material. Instead, it refers to the installation of plants all over your roof as a protective layer against the weather, especially sunrays.

These plants absorb the heat and keep your house clean by providing oxygen-rich air in the surroundings. It will also give you a garden with more than one use.

However, the maintenance of this roof can be an issue as the plants and the roof need proper care. These plants can also prove to be an obstruction when your main roof needs repairing.

Moreover, a different type of bottom layer is installed for the plants on the roof, which might be costly for you. Although it’s slightly expensive and difficult to maintain, green roofs are undoubtedly a sustainable choice.

  1. Clay or Slate Tile 

If there is any other material that can match up to and surpass the durability of metal, it is the classic clay and slate tile roof. They can stay on for much longer than a metal roof while providing a cooling shelter to your home.

These tiles are made up of natural materials, and with the implementation of the latest technology, many other variants like insect repellent and stronger clay tiles are available.

They might cost you a lot as clay or slate tiles require stronger support, which means more labor and material. Also, these tiles need high maintenance in case they get chipped or broken.

However, the value they add to your home’s roof and the environment is worth the price.

  1. Rubber Roof 

It is the best option for those who do not wish to spend too much money on a fancy roof yet prefer keeping it eco-friendly. Rubber roofs are especially cheap while being almost as durable as metal roofs.

Besides, as they are made of synthetic materials, they don’t get damaged easily and require low maintenance. In case it gets damaged, it is pretty easy to repair it.

Also, rubber roofs are recyclable, which makes them good for the environment. And like many other systems here, a rubber roof is also a good insulator that will keep your house cool.


All the above roofing systems have different pros and cons. Naturally, some weigh more than others, depending on the house and your needs. But these options are relatively less disadvantageous to the environment, which is the need of the hour.

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