The bathroom is more than just a practical space in most people’s home. It’s also a haven after a tiring day, a place to run water into a tub and relax, or a space where you can show off your personal style and taste, and with a huge market in bathroom furniture there really are no limits when it comes to design.

Once you have the essentials, tub, basin and toilet, planned you can think about the bathroom furniture. So which is the best type out there? The answer must be that the best is the type which makes the most of your space and provides everything you need it to, within the budget you can spare for it.

Fixed or free standing?

1-CT-F47-2 What are the best types of bathroom furniture available on the market?

Built-in bathroom furniture is a great way to use every inch of the space, even those awkward areas that would usually be left empty, and it’s a good option in both smaller spaces and if you need a lot of storage available in the bathroom. A huge benefit of bespoke pieces is the option to scale them down for smaller spaces – so you get a very subtle adaptation of lovely bathroom furniture which would not have been ‘quite right’ if left at full size.

On the other hand if you go for freestanding pieces you can move things around as often as is practical, and of course, you can take these things with you if you move house.

What kind of materials do you prefer?
Bathroom heating systems tend to be either mild steel or aluminium. Radiators and heather towel rails made of mild steel are generally a little cheaper, strong and have a long life. Various finishes can be applied before fitting, so a colored anti-rust paint treatment can make them blend into any color scheme you like. Aluminium, on the other hand, doesn’t rust and is very fast to heat up. Being fully recyclable makes them a popular eco-furniture choice.

1-CS-F38-1-1 What are the best types of bathroom furniture available on the market?

For the main pieces of bathroom furniture, such as a tallboy (for storage) and vanity unit, the common options are engineered wood or genuine wood. Engineered wood is cheaper, is usually treated to resist moisture, and as it doesn’t have a grain like regular hardwoods it is not going to split.

You can paint engineered wood in the colors you prefer, or add a fake wood effect finish, and items made this way are easy to wash down and keep clean. Solid wood furniture like oak or walnut can be a magnificent addition if it doesn’t dominate – so it’s best in larger bathrooms. It does take a lot more care through as when exposed to varying temperatures and high levels of humidity it can easily become damaged.

Don’t forget the extras
Other key pieces of bathroom furniture include mirrors, shelving, and perhaps also a laundry hamper or a chair. Having a great radiator is also important too, check out this site for a good selection of small bathroom radiators. These are rarely the leading items so they can be matched to the main theme once that is decided.