The labor shortage is an industry-wide concern in construction. Statistics show that 40% of construction jobs were lost between the period of 2006 to 2011 due to recession.

Related numbers further revealed that 56% of builders reported that they are suffering the ill-effects of the labor shortage. One great way to help address the lack of workforce is through the use of construction cameras.

Construction cameras assist companies in project demonstration and the illustration of its progress to clients. Likewise, time-lapse cameras also bring in a host of security and safety benefits, thanks to their ability to cover and monitor large areas like job sites.

Like any technology, construction cameras are a dime a dozen, and choosing the right model for your processes can be demanding. Scroll down to learn more about the important features that a construction camera should have.

Excellent Live Viewing Capabilities

Live viewing can be impactful and effective in an extensive variety of contexts, including safety monitoring, tracking progress, and ensuring efficiency. Note that accidents are relatively common in construction, with roughly around two deaths occurring each day.

Keep in mind that deaths or even injuries to employees will cost companies approximately USD 126,749 in OSHA penalties. Choosing construction cameras with a live viewing feature allows companies to minimize injuries by determining and addressing issues immediately.

Live viewing also helps construction companies provide real-time updates to sub-contractors, customers, and other stakeholders. Doing so reassures significant parties that their investments are taken care of.

Round-the-Clock Security Recording

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that construction companies lose about USD 1 billion annually as a result of a theft of equipment. Making matters worse is that only 25% of stolen items are recovered each year.

Copper piping, generators, and steel are attractive commodities among thieves because of their high resale value. This is why you should look for construction cameras that offer automatic 24/7 video recording on a seven-day loop.

Having this feature enables you to download or watch HD video clips from the web should any incident take place. Also, consider its bandwidth capabilities and make sure that it can support 24/7 recording.

Custom Time-Lapsing

Always ensure that the camera is equipped with custom time-lapsing capabilities to ensure high-speed or slow-motion cinematography. Time-lapsing also helps in determining the identity of trespassers effectively because of its ability to process every shot clearly.

Besides its security benefits, custom time-lapsing can also be utilized in strengthening the marketing strategy of construction companies. In general, time-lapsing is capable of capturing years’ worth of work footage and tell a compelling story without the need for massive production costs.

Time-lapse can also help in highlighting quality construction work, thereby, increasing the organization’s chances to generate new clients.

Top-notch Integrations

Make sure that the construction camera also comes with apex systems integration to ensure seamless data connectivity. Integration compatibility also minimizes errors and blurry images, thus enhancing both the internal workflow of the organization.

Using an integrated camera asseverates that essential data like photos and still videos are stored in a centralized location. Studies have also revealed that integration can uplift productivity, reduce IT time wastage, and create a working environment ripe for excellence.