Vivid colours adorn crushed velvet beds, adding to the material’s charm. These beds are really attractive and comfortable and provide the most glamorous look. Crushed velvet beds are popular as the headboard is manufactured being highly padded, making it easier to watch that last show or movie when resting in bed. They are also very easy to style no matter what the theme of your current decor is in your bedroom. With a variety of size and upholstery options available, you can very easily find a colour that suits you.. Your crushed velvet bed can be made in a variety of different sizes including single, double, king-size or super king-size bed. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most popular crushed velvet beds.

Best crushed velvet bed options

  1. Crushed velvet beds for divans bases

The bed is built from high-quality chipboard dressed with a crushed velvet fabric, making it ideal for a modern but luxurious bedroom. The crushed velvet divan bed will enhance the attractiveness of your space while also providing comfort with the deeply-padded headboard. Divan beds offer the most customisation options, allowing you to tailor your bed to your budget, personal tastes, and interior design preferences.

  1. Crushed velvet ottoman beds

The upholstered ottoman bed frame in crushed velvet provides real presence to any bedroom while also serving as an intelligent storage option. It has cushioned headboard and foot end, as well as padded side rails. The hydraulics mechanism in the under-bed compartments of crushed velvet ottoman bed provide a functional storage option without losing aesthetic and comfort. Ottoman beds are the most popular bed choices as they’re extremely easy to use and helps maximise the space in a modern bedroom.

  1. Crushed velvet beds with a platform base

Platform bases provide a sturdy foundation for mattresses, are attractive, and have a simple but elegant design. These bases are made of wood and are low and flat. They’re also airy and free of wooden slats. If you want to keep within budget then they’re a fantastic choice.

  1. Crushed velvet beds with a slatted bed frame

    Bed frames with solid slats are quite different. The design of these beds, for starters, makes them mattress-friendly and provides great support. The curve of the slats encourages them to bend while you sit or stand on the bed, making the mattress even more comfortable. Furthermore, they are generally stronger than standard base alternatives and a good choice if you are looking for a bed that lasts.

  2. Popular crushed velvet bed sizes

Single crushed velvet beds are great as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings, with a magnificent crushed velvet fabric on the front and rear of the headboard and can be customised with diamond buttons. Single beds are perfect for the small box room or a good enough size for a child.

The crushed velvet double bed is a good choice of bed if you have a larger bedroom or just need that little bit more space. The material looks that little bit more luxurious as there is a larger headboard and footboard provided for this bed size. If you have the space then a king size crushed velvet bed would be the best choice of bed. The king size bed is 5ft wide so it provides ample space and is the most commonly purchased bed for individuals with partners. Whether you’re sharing a bed with your child or your partner, the king size bed will surely provide you with enough space. With a larger headboard on the double and king size beds the crushed velvet material looks that bit more luxurious.


Crushed velvet is a stunning material. Simply put, it really gives your bedroom the much needed glamorous look. Make it a part of your bedroom and you’ll be surrounded by luxury. The material is very easy to maintain and looks unique and amazing in all different angles. The natural light reflects so beautifully off the crushed velvet material. The crushed velvet bed collection at Hugo & Sons really stands out if you are looking for a handmade bed that you can customise. If you have a smaller room and need an ottoman bed to maximise your bedroom space, then opt for the ottoman bed with under-bed storage.

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