About 800 years ago, the Roman Empire had collapsed and its centralized control was finally loose. Europe was filled with humble farming villages all around the map without a lot of cities. Since Europe was quite big, the roads and paths that ran all across Europe were quite vulnerable to attacks from bandits and nomadic invaders. This is the time where the role of a landlord was something that kept the villagers safe. When a village was attacked by bandits or foreign enemies, the landlord came to the rescue to defend their land. The deal that was between a landlord and a farmer was like a contract. The villager is under the protection of the landlord in exchange for providing food just like rent.

photo-1519918448158-956d40b0d8fe What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Landlord?

The industrialized society has changed many roles and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. While landlords don’t need to fight pillagers today, their job isn’t to just collect the rent either, but to provide solutions to conflicts and make sure that tenants are in fit homes to live in.

 We’ll be presenting you with some of the important responsibilities and defining roles of a landlord.


The transition of the property from one tenant to another isn’t always an easy process. Even after interviews and picking tenants carefully, sometimes a tenant can leave the house in a state of disarray. A landlord is responsible for providing a properly cleaned property. As mentioned by professional cleaners at Royal Cleaning, not cleaning the house thoroughly (and by a professional) makes it easy for anyone to notice that it’s not being maintained. Saving cash on cleaning or ignoring it altogether can sometimes backfire.

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Properly fit property

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 states that a property provided to a tenant for rent should be fit for purpose. Landlords are legally required to provide certain actions to ensure that the house is habitable. While every state has a different set of actions that are required, they all agree to some obligations that every landlord has to meet like securing the security deposit, property maintenance, and fulfilling the promise of delivering the property to a new tenant. Landlords must always make sure that their tenants have access to safe water and electricity, in addition to making sure that the house is structurally sound and aligns with the health and building code of the state.


One of the most important roles any landlord has is being responsible for the rental of their house or apartment. Since vacancy means losing potential money, lowering the vacancy rates as much as possible ensures that you’re properly making the most out of the property. If the landlord is not with an agency, they may need to take care of advertising, meetings, interviews, and showing interested tenants around. Some landlords like to use marketing and sales techniques to make their property truly shine and beat the competition.

Selectiveness and investigation

As a landlord, your main asset is your property. This means that the need for taking care of the home should be extended for the tenant. In a vast market, it’s hard to identify whether a tenant is suitable for your property or not with a simple glance. Landlords can make a few calls to a tenant’s former landlord, in addition to their employers, and even running a credit check. Landlords may need to collect and assess the information they’ve gathered to ensure whether the tenant would be a good fit for their property or not.

Usually, the sought-after qualities of good tenants are being able to pay the rent punctually, signing long-term leases, respectful, mindful, and considerate of their neighbors. The role of a landlord can sometimes look like the role of a detective trying to find out the truth. Handling disputes fairly requires some investigation and asking around to be done properly. The root causes of issues, whether they’re maintenance issues or disputes, may not be always apparent which is why they require an eye for detail to be successfully resolved.

Warranty of habitability

Once the tenant signs the lease, it doesn’t mean that they are stuck in an apartment or a house that could be riddled with problems. Once any defect or issue comes to light, the landlord must take action to remedy the issue as fast as possible. The medieval farmer model had a different system where the villagers or farmers had to do all the repairs themselves without any help from the landlord.

Nowadays, the tenant is interested in the house or apartment itself rather than the land. The complexity and implementation of technology have made repairing electrical and mechanical amenities in a house a daunting task for those who are inexperienced, which is why its maintenance and fees are handled by the landlord. It’s possible for a landlord and a tenant to include repairs and maintenance in the lease to handle or split the responsibility of maintenance.

photo-1513467535987-fd81bc7d62f8 What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Landlord?

Jack of all trades

Landlords may not have extensive knowledge about what kind of repairs that should be done when they’re called by tenants. Simple construction or repairs like fixing door knobs, changing bulbs, resetting the alarm, or a leaky faucet doesn’t usually require the services of professional handymen. A landlord can sometimes be a jack of all trades that uses his/her expertise in small repairs to save both money and time.

Covenant of quiet enjoyment

The maintenance and state of the apartment or house isn’t the only thing maintained in proper shape by the landlord. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the tenants’ stay is free of any impermissible interference or disturbances. The lease signed between the landlord and tenant usually contains a clause that gives the landlord the power to penalize or terminate the tenancy if they persistently disturb the other tenants. This role of mediation of a landlord between two tenants or more allows resolutions to be resolved as peacefully and quietly.

Landlords’ roles and responsibilities aren’t always exclusive to what’s written in the lease. Landlords have to be mindful of many things to be able to provide a good service and maintain the usage of their properties for a good while.