No matter how long the day stretches, everyone looks forward to heading home and eventually going to sleep. Sleep is like our body’s recharge mechanism, and as a result, we need to make sure we do it right. The quality of sleep you get is often related to how your home space, and especially your bedroom, is arranged. As a result, you should put some thought into the kind of bed frame you get for yourself and your family.

Here’s a list of six different bed styles and their recommendations. Some bed styles are more ostentatious and fanciful than the others and will go with sophisticated decor. Some others, like bunk beds, are recommended for children. Out of these six bed styles, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Headboard and Basic Frame

This is the simplest kind of bed style around. It has the two parts you’ll find in any bed—the bed platform and the headboard. Most beds are styled like this, and the variations you’ll find will often try to incorporate different colors and types of wood. They may also have different kinds of curves and carvings on the headboard and platform.

This bed style isn’t only the most common. It’s also usually the most affordable and is perfect for most home decoration styles. Because they fit so well with most decors, you can generally find them among other platform beds online. They are suitable for both adults and children. The only limitation would be how much space you had in your room.

Headboard and Side Rails

This can be considered as the second simplest kind of bed style around. It’s very similar to the headboard and basic frame, except that it comes with side rails. The side rails are mostly there for fancy, and to give the bed a different, more elaborate look. Depending on the way the bed is made, you might even mistake a bed with side rails for the one without it. Also, like the basic frame, it can be made of different types of wood and painted and styled differently.

On the question of whether you should choose a bed with a basic frame or side rails, it often comes down to your preference. You should go with whichever you like better, as they both blend with any room’s decor. Also, some beds with side rails cost a little more than those with basic frames, and so, your budget might also influence your choice.

Headboard and Footboard

Different kinds of materials can be used to make headboard and footboard beds, including metal and wood. These types of beds are usually found in hospitals, although their sizes are much smaller. Footboard beds always have a vastly different look from beds with headboards only because of the ‘enclosed’ look the footboards give. The footboards are usually shorter than the headboards, and often carry any detailing finish that can be found on the headboard.

This bed style is another style that blends well with most home and room style decorations. Some people, even more, prefer it because of the enclosed look mentioned earlier. However, before going out to purchase a headboard and footboard style of bed, be sure it’s long enough to accommodate you without disturbing your feet, as people have been known to remove the footboard from their beds.


At first glance, you might mistake a platform bed for a headboard with a basic frame. However, there’s a difference. The platform bed is much closer to the ground than most bed styles. They are built using slats for support, as opposed to the box spring that most beds have. The slats make them closer to the ground. Additionally, they typically lack footboards and usually have unique designs on their headboards.

The platform bed style is a modern design that has gained increased popularity. It can add a touch of elegance and modernism to the look and feel of your bedroom. Additionally, it goes very well with other trendy room decoration styles like minimalism. If you do get the platform style of bed, you may have to give yourself some time to adjust to it, as its closeness to the ground may shock you when you get out of bed in the middle of the night.


The canopy bed style looks a lot like a gazebo, except it’s for sleeping! This style features four rising posts at each edge of the bed. The posts extend upwards where four beams connect them. Even though some canopy bed owners choose to leave their frames bare, many people love to drape fabrics all around it and hang them from the horizontal beams that connect the posts. This often makes the bed look ‘dreamy.’

With a well-draped canopy bed, a room’s decor can look very different. With an elegant vase and a rug, the room can look very sophisticated. The canopy bed is recommended for people who are looking to style their bedrooms a little differently. However, you should consider how easily you can get into and out of bed when you’re using a canopy bed, especially one that’s draped.

Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is famous for being children’s beds. Parents favor getting this kind of bed over the others because it helps conserve space. This is especially true if there aren’t enough rooms to go around, and children have to share. Many children love bunk beds because it gives them something fun to do. With their imagination, they can turn the upper bunk to a castle and keep themselves entertained without leaving the room.

The bunk bed isn’t only recommended for children, as there are styles that can fit adults as well. The loft bunk bed has a bed on top and a workspace underneath. With this, you can have a place to work and one to sleep in the same room, with minimal space needed. However, because of their small sizes, they are mostly gotten for children.

What Bed Style Would You Choose?

The style that you choose for your home is ultimately up to you. However, some considerations can help you decide. One of them is which ones fit your budget and which ones don’t. With platforms and canopy beds, you also have to look at how quickly you can get used to them, and how they might affect your daily routine. Finally, there’s also the issue of the bunk beds’ space economy.