A gray couch is a stylish and versatile piece of furniture that can be paired with a variety of curtain colors to create the perfect look for your home. In this article, we’ll share expert tips and ideas on what color curtains go with a gray couch. From neutral shades to bold patterns, discover the perfect curtains to enhance your living room decor and create a cohesive, stylish space.

So, what colors go with a gray couch?

The answer would be very simple: modern, calm, and cool. The same attributes can be assigned to any gray couch, the must-have piece with reserved charm. Gray couches make excellent statement pieces and thus belong to any modern home.

Homeowners can also choose a comfy, light gray sofa because it is both comfortable and stylish. The interior style doesn’t matter – you can put this sofa in any setting you want. If you do so, however, remember to hang the appropriate curtains!

Paired with each other, curtains and couches can make or break your space. You need to combine pieces that look good together, regardless of the colors you use.

Here are 14 great tips on which curtains match a gray sofa:

A gray couch and mix-and-match curtains

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Many homeowners like to play with textures and colors, and that is not a bad thing. Your dream deserves to have a vibrant and bold statement, ideally, a gray couch everyone will remember. But do you know how many people choose the wrong curtains for it? No worries – this is difficult, to begin with!

It is a challenge to find the right tone for the curtains, especially if it is not only the couch you need to match them with. It is perfectly safe to hang classic white curtains, you might need a piece that highlights your beautiful and decorative windows.

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Darker curtains, on the other hand, are just a step away from stealing the spotlight from your favorite gray couch. So what do you do?

Keep reading, and we will reveal which curtains work best with a grey couch. Many curtain choices can help you come up with a flattering interior.

Calm and streamlined rooms with white curtains

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As we mentioned, you can always play it safe. The reason white curtains are popular for every room’s color scheme is that they are simple. More so in a setting with gray furniture! Thanks to white curtains, accent pieces in the living room such as gray couches will easily pop up. The room will also feel airy and crisp clean.

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Plain white curtains help items placed in front look even more spectacular. You can’t go wrong with this curtain choice, especially if you have white living room walls. Needless to say, this gives you the possibility to accessorize in any color you want.

Green curtains

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Green curtains were traditionally applied in the past, but the trend is reemerging as we speak. Green is an easy color to combine in an aesthetic setting, mostly because it works with any material. Imagine how classy rich velvet curtains would look in green!

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Both green and gray are natural tones that inspire calmness and bring in the beauty of the outside indoors. This is a perfect choice, but you need to make sure the shades are nuances work well. For instance, pair a dark gray sofa with emerald green. The sofa will still be the focal piece.

In a setting like this, you are better of with plain white or mid-gray walls. Anything else could cause a tiring contrast between different pieces of furniture.

Charcoal curtains

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Charcoal curtains go with gray couches as well. They might be your best option for an aesthetic and bold look. The critical tip here is to hang curtains in a deeper tone that the furniture around them. This beautiful contrast will make the living room look more elegant and stylish.

However, make sure you choose this option only for rooms with plenty of natural light.

Sienna orange curtains

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Are you tired of cold and dark nuances? Sienna orange makes a living room livelier and more playful and has a beautiful aesthetic touch. It will brighten the room up even if you don’t have lots of natural light.

Plus, gray and orange are an exceptional combination. Regardless of the tone, orange cannot overshadow your gray sofa. Instead, it will support its leading role in the living room.

Yellow curtains for a pop-up effect

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It is only logical – if orange works so well with gray, yellow will too. Yellow curtains will do an even better job of bringing your chill gray couch to life. Therefore, we often see rooms with grayish sofas and mustard-yellow drapes.

If you do choose this option, however, you need to be very careful with the fabric of the curtains. In a Scandinavian setting, for instance, the sofa must come in a thick, supporting fabric, such as leather or velvet.

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The curtains should also be heavier, or at least have a weighty appearance to stabilize the actual weight of the gray couch. Any organic material could do the magic. Make sure you also choose an intense mustard tone, so the drapes don’t get lost in the color scheme of the room.

Light Blue

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Here comes what was most probably your first choice. When it comes to room decor, most homeowners prefer serene and oceanic scenery, and a grey couch is no exception. For instance, light grey and light blue pair exceptionally well. We love this non-neutral curtain option, as it keeps you calm and relaxed.

Therefore, the option is popular for bedrooms too. Plus, it looks good regardless of the material you choose. If you want to go the extra mile to replicate a beach setting, get curtains with seashell themes or sheer grey-blue tones.

Casual, wide-striped neutrals

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Blue curtains might be too calm for you, so check wide striped curtains. This way, the room stays comfy and casual, but also has a fun accent to look at.

Still, a gray couch only allows you to use wide-stripe curtains in gray or white. The shade of the couch doesn’t need to match. Different grays are very easy to combine, so any shade will do.

Coral curtains

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For sure, you were told gray is the most neutral of colors and it will blend easily in any setting. However, it takes to try this out to see that not every cheerful tone works with gray. It can be exceptionally annoying if not executed well.

This is the reason why you don’t see that many gray sofas paired with bright curtains. It took us a long research to responsibly claim coral is a good option. It will refresh the room in ways you can’t imagine! Coral curtains add impact to the room. They are also a nice touch of brightness if natural light is an issue. With them, you can have a living room you will enjoy.

Teal curtains

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But let’s come back for a moment to those of you who prefer cooler tones. If coral or sienna orange doesn’t sound attractive, try teal. This is easier done than said. Teal curtains do bring life to a room, especially when you pair them with a stylish gray sofa.

To make the room even more elegant, choose cushions that match the exact tone of teal on the curtains.

Black curtains for a more sophisticated look

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Why not add some drama to the living room? Many colors and tones can do this, but none are as good as black. Black is elegant and mysterious. It also does a good job blocking light when you don’t need it. If you have a large room or a foyer, black is your winner.

Black also grants intimacy to light-themed rooms. Many people are skeptical of the idea, but end up loving their living rooms. Note: black curtains work best with deep charcoal grays.

Navy curtains

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Still interested in blue curtains? Well, this is a classic choice and no one can blame you for it. You can take any shade of gray you like and pair it with the first blue that comes your way. You will still get an acceptable result, at least.

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If you want the living space to feel warmer and protected, opt for deep shadows and dark hues. Navy blue drapes and curtains may do the trick. Navy blue also looks adorable with darker walls and lighter couches, especially if you are after a nautical theme.

The bolder tones you use, the more stylish the sitting area will appear.

Lavender curtains

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Another must-try choice with a gray couch is old lavender. The tone is generally perceived as ‘dark’, but it relies on its warm tones to keep a room’s atmosphere up. More often than rarely, lavender is used to make a room look livelier.

Lavender is also easier to match and combine than yellow or orange. It will make the space bolder and brighter, and it won’t force you to rethink the rest of your color choices. It sticks easily to neutral tones, grey being the main among them.

Chocolate curtains

1-15-5 What Color Curtains Go With A Gray CouchImage source: IKEA

There is a thing called warm gray. By it, we mean even borderline taupe, or brownish. Grays like these are used to warm up a room, and they look amazing paired with chocolate curtains. It may not be your first choice, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

However, if you have a couch in cooler gray tones, this option will not work that well. Dark brown curtains pair well only with warmer tones.

Tan curtains

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If you are after a farmhouse living room, you can pair the gray couch with some tan curtains. These take us down memory lane, to a time when people used to do picnics and bake a pie crust. This way, you also create the perfect autumn setting and come up with a beautiful farmhouse theme.


First of all, we applaud your choice of buying a gray couch! You’ve done yourself a huge favor and all color options are open now! Needless to say, gray is trending right now and works perfectly for any room or theme.

As neutral as they are, gray couches pair well with any color or tone. You can even choose matching gray curtains, or blush pink for a more playful setting. When paired with gray, blush pink does not look as feminine as you’d expect it to be. Gray curtains can also do an amazing job accentuating beautiful windows.

Therefore, take your time, test different options, and choose the color that works best for you. There is hardly anything you can do wrong!

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