Are you struggling to find the right color curtains for your brown furniture? Look no further! Our expert guide reveals what color curtains go with brown furniture.

Brown is the most commonly used furniture color. The richer the shades, the more elegant and relaxing the room feels. Brown is very vibrant and looks great on sofas, accent chairs, wardrobes, and all other furniture pieces.

Homeowners like sofas also because they are piratical. There are no cleaning concerns among pets and children, and there are multiple nuances to choose from. Brown can complement any living setting and tolerates accessories in many different colors.

What color curtains go with brown furniture?

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Well, this is not as easy as picking pillowcases. You need to consider multiple factors, such as mood, style, and access to natural light. That being said, how do you choose the right curtain color?

Of all factors, we’d give priority to light. Light dictates the mood and the looks of the room, and helps you bring the setting together. You need curtains with lighter shades and gauzier fabrics to ensure a brighter setting, or opaque ones to make the space darker and more formal. Sometimes, all of this comes down to a game of tones.

It is true – brown is among the easiest colors to combine. Remember, however, that you are not only looking for colors that match, but for a combination that can make your room impressive. You need to take into account also the colors of your walls, floor, and ceiling.

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For example, mahogany, walnut, cherry, or any darker furniture plays well with a light curtain. This way, you can add contrast and make optimal use of natural light. Dark wood furniture tends to reduce the effects of light since there is a little reflective surface for the light to bounce off. Wherever possible, avoid a matte finish.

It may also be the case that you have just a few dominant pieces in a dark color. If so, you may still be able to hang a darker curtain to ensure there is enough balance.

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Whatever your choice may be, keep in mind the function and the intended mood of the room. A bedroom is supposed to be light on the eye and relaxing. The living room, on the other hand, needs a welcoming, lighter vibe.

This post will provide you with some great color curtains ideas that you can consider. Let’s check them out:

Gray curtains

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Not that many people pair a brown sofa with gray curtains. Still, this doesn’t mean that the idea is wrong. Gray and brown are a natural match and do an incredible job in an inviting, warm living room. Gray is cooler, and thus balances the intensity and warmth of brown furniture. In the end, you get a neutral, properly balanced living room.

Plus, you are not limited to which shades of gray you should consider unless you have gray walls. All of them work just fine with a brown sofa.

Beige curtains

Image source: Irvine Robinson Interiors

Coming back to the most intuitive choice, you can’t go wrong with a brown couch and beige curtains.

Make sure, nonetheless, that you use the appropriate shade of beige. If it is darker, the curtains will contrast the brown couch and may even take over. If you want your beautiful brown sofa to be the leader in the room, go for lighter beige.

Beige color curtains are sometimes considered as ‘boring’, so add simple patterns for a livelier atmosphere. We suggest floral motifs or stripes. Last but not least, tie the look together with beige accessories. A couple of complementary pillows or a nice rug will do the job.

White curtains

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White curtains are timeless. They come in so many patterns and nuances, that you can hang them in any room. You should keep them on the list if you feel indecisive. There are many wonderful examples of brown furniture paired with white curtains. They can balance the look instantly, especially if your brown sofa has red or yellow undertones.

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White curtains should also be your first choice for a small and limited space. They add up the visual estate and ensure brown furniture does not overwhelm the room. If you are worried about consistency, choose white drapes that have matching brown accents. This will give the room a natural flow and make guests feel more welcome.

Patterned cream curtains

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Let’s put it this way: everything we said about white drapes applies also to cream curtains. Homeowners agree that cream curtains add liveliness, especially if they have a particular pattern.

Cream curtains look amazing against a brown couch and ideally cream walls. In a setting like this, the pattern stands out and adds more character. Plus, you can refer to this combination for any room in the house.

Burgundy curtains

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You may not have considered brown and burgundy, but the two colors fit like butter and jelly. They are the perfect match for a stylish and sophisticated living room.

Burgundy curtains will make your brown sofa look more elegant. Burgundy with brown leather furniture, for instance, is a combination that won’t go unnoticed. Try this out, and your guests will be impressed!

Reds and brick tones with a brown sofa

Image source: Falcone Hybner Design, Inc.

If burgundy works so well with a brown sofa, there is no reason why other reds shouldn’t. Darker brick tones, for instance, will melt easily among dark brown furniture. You will love how they work together.

These are combinations you will often find in transitional spaces. To pull the look together, try adding contemporary and eclectic accents, such as throw pillows.

Navy blue curtains

Image source: Katy Krider Interior Design LLC

Here comes another color that can blend with any brown shade. Brown and navy blue are a winning combination for a strong and memorable appearance. Executed right, they can become the focal point of the entire place.

A brown sofa and navy blue curtains are as modern as the interior design can be. Navy curtains look exquisite paired with brown leather furniture. Think of a room, for instance, with cool gray walls and long navy drapes.

We particularly recommend pairing brown and navy blue for a classical, luxurious decor.

Deep teal curtains

Image source: IKEA

If you liked our idea of pairing a brown sofa with navy blue curtains, give teal a look. If you want guests to notice your beautifully framed window, teal curtains are the way to go. Brown furniture with teal curtains and white ceramic accessories is a match made in heaven.

Teal curtains will only do in bigger rooms, however. You also need plenty of natural light to minimize their impact and ensure the room is neither dark nor uninviting. If you have a very small room, you may also need to reconsider the brown couch altogether.

Dusty pink curtains

A brown sofa in front of dusty pink curtains will make your room more feminine. It will also add a feeling of sophistication and style.

Depending on the curtain undertones, this combination can work in any room. You can try it out in the living room, the bedroom, or wherever you need a cozier atmosphere. Make sure you add contrast with chick accessories and decor items. Something you will appreciate is that dusty pink works with any shade of brown, be it dark or light.

Yellow curtains

Image source: Bes Home

How about beautifying your dark brown sofa with yellow curtains`? Sunny yellow will pop up beautifully against your brown furniture, and make the room livelier. Despite being in the same ‘autumnal’ range of colors, yellow ensures just enough contrast.

Yellow can also be as intense as you need it. Most of the tones and nuances have a warm and positive impact. You can reinforce the look with yellow decorations, for example, wall art or throw cushions.

Mustard curtains

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We’ve established that yellow curtains are a smart choice for brown furniture, but which nuance should you choose? If you want a calmer, nature-inspired atmosphere, we’d recommend mustard yellow.

It is a brave decision, but we reassure you that it works. Mustard-colored curtains are special in many ways, and they guarantee an exceptional look. Try them out!

Sheer brown curtains

Image source: Sealy Design Inc.

Your beautiful brown sofa reveals that you are already a fan of this color, so why not stick to it? There is a way to combine brown curtains with brown sofas without making the room too…well, brown.

Image source: Masterpiece Design Group

Of course, you should choose light brown curtains to match dark brown furniture or preserve a monochromatic look. Research for examples of mismatching brown layers to come up with the perfect, earthy scenery.

In a brown-brown room, you will need accessories in other colors (close to brown) to make the room more inviting. Gray walls would be of a big help here.

Sage green curtains

Image source: Plush Furniture

Imagine a room with a dark brown sofa, plain white walls, and sage green curtains. There is hardly any other palette that can achieve the same vibe of calmness and freshness. Plus, this combination allows you to use multiple hues without creating an eclectic space.

A brown sofa in front of sage green curtains makes the space more inviting. Green is the most natural of colors, and you can use it in any room you want. If you want to make the space even livelier, consider green accessories.

Black buffalo check curtains

Image source: Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture

Most people would say a firm ‘no’ to black curtains, especially given how many better choices there are. If you follow trends, however, you are aware of how black buffalo check patterns are right now.

There is something beautifully unusual about a caramel-colored couch paired with black check curtains. They look stunning together and provide the room with a cozy and warm atmosphere without any accessories. Looking at it, you’d want to snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a winter evening.

Blue curtains

Image source: Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design

We will close this list with the most preferred of all colors – blue. Your dark brown sofa will look perfect with blue curtains, especially if you are after a calming look. The same as white and cream, blue also makes rooms look bigger than they are.

Brown is intense and warm, while blue is cool and serene. This is the perfect balance for your new living room.

Summary of what color curtains go with brown furniture

Now that you know which color curtains work best with brown sofas, it is time to pick your favorite. There are many excellent options out there, even hanging brown color curtains against a brown couch. Your call!

You can play it safe, and pick lighter and more neutral hues to help the couch stand out. Versatile color curtains, on the opposite, will show how creative and energized you are.

You can combine shades to create something unique and special. As long as the palette plays along with the mood and the function of the room, your job will be done.

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