What to know what color curtains go white walls? Check out our guide for curtain color ideas that will enhance the look of your space. From classic neutrals to bold patterns, discover the best colors and styles to match your white walls and create a cohesive, stylish interior design.

White is a timeless choice for any wall. It creates a calm, soothing backdrop for the homeowner to design, be that in a modern living room or a cozy bedroom. Some of us are too adventurous for a setting like this, but we can agree on one thing: white walls are our safest bet.

Why white? For starters, white creates an illusion of spaciousness and brightness. It freshens up your room, and it works with any color you can imagine.

Therefore, you have more options for choosing curtains than you’d have for any other color. The curtains you choose will easily become the focal point of the room and elevate the mood any way you want it to be.

And while it is awesome to have that many options, you need to be clear on the atmosphere you want to achieve. If not, you will soon feel overwhelmed and indecisive.

Let us help you make a smart decision. This post discusses the best color curtains for white walls. Try them out and you will soon have your winner.

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls?

Image source: Lisa Fleming Design

White walls give your room a neutral theme, and let you choose any curtain color you want. Different colors, however, will have different results on how the room looks and feels.

Let’s say you opt for lively colors with warm undertones. This will result in a beautiful contrast and will give the room a cozy touch. Vibrant colors won’t lack, and you can even change curtains seasonally to inject the right mood in the room.

Image source: Jen Dalley

Cooler shades, on the other hand, will bring up a more sophisticated and minimalist look.

Check out the list below to determine which color works best for you.

White and Yellow curtains for white walls

Image source: Debbie Basnett Interiors, LLC

Let’s begin with the obvious choice – a monochromatic scheme. Yellow on white is also an adorable option, especially if you want to uplift the space with a summerish vibe. There is hardly any better way to personalize your space.

Both white and yellow curtains will open up the room and make it feel fresh. Purse shades will contribute to a calmer effect, but you can also mix and match for a more creative ambiance.

Pink curtains on white walls

Image source: IKEA

Pink and white are a match made in heaven. They will give the room a unique, luxurious vibe, unlike any other color. We are talking of two very smooth colors that provide a feminine look. Think of how pearls with pink glow look on a necklace. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to replicate this effect in a bedroom?

Image source: Pepper Home

This combination is often preferred for girls’ bedrooms and nurseries. This might be the perfect way to give your princess a room she will enjoy.

Brown curtains for white walls

Image source: Lisa Tharp Design

Brown is one of the best curtain colors. The reason is that it is natural and versatile, and works well in modern and traditional settings. White walls tend to be cool and calm, so pick brown for a more inviting atmosphere.

Image source: Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Brown curtains are not only inviting, but also secure and comfortable. Thicker fabrics can also help you block natural light, and act as superb insulators. On top of that, brown stands for nobility and luxury and is the perfect choice for matching furniture.

Black curtains for white walls

Image source: Deconovo Store

If brown plays so well along with white, why shouldn’t black do the same? A dramatic, floor-length black curtain can make any room look more sophisticated.

Contrary to popular belief, black is easy on the eyes, and acts as the perfect focal piece. Black curtains ensure a sophisticated feel and look nice in any type of home. Not even to mention that they are irreplaceable when it comes to privacy and intimacy at home.

Blue curtains on white walls

Image source: Alexander Pollock Interiors

It comes without saying that blue curtains match any wall color. Your advantage, in this case, is that you can choose any blue shade you want. If you’re after a memorable living room, for instance, darker shades of blue are exactly what you need.

Image source: BGment Store

Homeowners with coastal decor should consider a nautical theme instead. This theme can be achieved with both lighter blues or deep, navy curtains. Even pale blue comes into question, assuming you have white furniture and want to keep the setting calm.

White and blue, however, can make the room look cooler and more distant. If this is the case, consider accents in warmer colors, such as pink bedding or yellow cushions.

Gray curtains for white walls

Image source: IKEA

Similarly to blue, gray can make white walls look even classier and more decent. Gray curtains with warm undertones, for instance, can induce a happy mood and a more inviting environment. Interior designers are absolute fans of white and gray, be that a traditional home or a minimalist office.

You can’t go wrong with white walls and gray curtains. You can even choose a darker option such as charcoal gray curtains to give the room an accent piece. If you want to make the place even more stylish, consider accessorizing with blue decor items or brown furniture.

Dark green curtains for white walls

Image source: Yellow Bungalow

Pilling up on the whole nature-inspired-look story, why not choose green curtains? This color is easy on the eye but very energetic, and you are free to choose any shade you want. Whatever nuance you decide on, the result will still be fresh and elegant.

If you want your room to be eye-catching and memorable, try out dark green velvet curtains. They are very luxurious and represent the perfect choice for formal living rooms and dining areas.

Teal or turquoise curtains for white walls

Image source: ECLIPSE Store

If you like both blue and green curtains, the final decision can be tough. What could be helpful is to pair the two, and opt for a turquoise or teal curtain.

Turquoise curtains, on the one hand, are refreshing and bright. They will keep the look consistent and let natural light brighten up the room. Teal, on the other hand, is slightly darker and thus suitable for more elegant settings.

Image source: New England Design Elements

The best result can be achieved if you pair these two beautiful colors. A combination like this exhibits exquisite taste and ensures you will have a room everyone remembers.

Golden curtains for white walls

Image source: Arete Culture

Combing back to luxurious and elegant living rooms, how would you feel about gold curtains? White is elegant as it is, but you might need a touch of gold to make it more upscale.

Gold is an excellent companion for many colors, but it takes a neutral backdrop for it to show what it really can. It induces warmth to your cool, white setting, and balances the contrast created by your furniture. We recommend you pair it with a delightful cream or beige sofa.

Burnt orange curtains for white walls

Image source: BNF Home

Another way to add warmth to your white walls is with burnt orange curtains. They replicate the effect of gold curtains but are less formal and more inviting. The same as gold, burnt orange is easy to combine with conventional furniture, especially brown and wooden pieces.

Orange and white have played along for years, and it doesn’t seem this trend is going anywhere. They look adorable together and provide a sophisticated yet not overwhelming living space.

White curtains for white walls

Image source: Ashley Camper Photography

Contrary to popular belief, white curtains and white walls look great together. This should be your number one choice for small and darker rooms, so you make the most of natural light. Needless to say, this is your safest decor option, as you can bring in furniture in literally any color!

Image source: STUDIOMCGEE

Another great benefit of white curtains is that they let you showcase majestic window framing. Even if the overall tone of the room is cooler, the elegance is unparalleled.

Sage green curtains for white walls

Image source: John Lewis & Partners

Deep, forest-inspired greens look amazing against white walls, but they won’t be all that easy to pair with your furniture. Therefore, we recommend a more subtle curtain color, such as sage green.

Sage is a very pale shade, and it only comes to life when paired with white walls. Modern designers even classify it as ‘gray’ and recommend it for any modern and sophisticated room. We’d argue, however, that sage green has a certain playfulness associated with it. It is beautiful and warm and the same time.

Image source: Amazon

Plus, sage green curtains are welcome in any room of the house. They look equally well in inviting living rooms as they do in intimate bathrooms.

Floral curtains for white walls

Image source: Carrie Hayward Design

Since you have white walls, you are welcome to experiment also with multiple colors and patterns. If you were to follow the latest trends, floral curtains would probably make the top of your list. And for a good reason – they look just charming!

Image source: Wayfair

Floral curtains make a room more personal and creative. You can choose among many colors and styles, as any of them can match white walls. What we would recommend is to bring in more cheerful nuances, so you balance the coolness of the white walls.

Floral curtains are perfect for modern living rooms and offices. Give them a try – the result will impress you!


As you saw, it is not difficult to find matching curtains for white walls. You can even make a bet as safe as white curtains, and you will come up with an elegant setting worth attention. If you feel adventurous and brave, you can get floral or patterned curtains, and enhance your home decor.

This, however, does not mean that you should grab the first option you see. blue curtains may look better than pink curtains, and a patterned choice may not feel right. Take your time, and make an informed decision.

While deciding what color curtains go with white walls, consider both the mood and the function of the room. You might be impressed by pink curtains, but they aren’t the right choice for a formal dining room.

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