We’re two full years inside a world pandemic, and we’re witnessing a change in trend across all industries. Home decor, design, architecture all of them experienced tremendous changes. Additionally, the rise of technology in the past couple of years has been extreme, and both combined set some new trends of what a modern home is.

In this article, we’re talking more about these trends, how technology changed the way we live, and how homes are built. Read on if you want to see some of the most recent trends and rules about modern living.

1. Being self-sustainable

The latest economic crisis shows people how important it is not to depend on anyone for essential resources. Food, water, and electricity are the three things without which no household can sustain itself.

This is why we say that self-sustainability is the latest trend in architecture. Most architects will advise you to build your new house or renovate the old one and install roof cun collectors and create electricity on your own, dig an artificial well in the ground and always have your own water.

Modern homes may look spectacular, but they are also self-sufficient. Many homeowners opt for gardens in which they plant various products. Potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, all these things come valuable at times.

2. Smart-living technology implemented throughout the place

Have you heard of the term IoT? It stands for the Internet of Things and is a term used for in-home appliances and devices all tied together into a single point of control. New and modern items we buy for our homes are nearly all equipped with an internet connection.

Everything in your house is now accessible through the internet. You can’t leave the oven turned on because the app will notify you about it. You don’t have to get up and turn the lights off when you’re going to bed; you can do it through your smartphone.

Even the doors are now opened and closed through the internet. You will never forget where you placed the key because the app will unlock the door. Even the old-fashioned tilt garage door opener has the option of modernizing and being controlled through the internet.

3. Functionality and comfort inside the home are the new trends

One of the things that the pandemic changed globally is how people do their jobs. Going to the office is no longer standard, and even after the pick of the virus, when everyone got sent to work from home, people still work remotely.

That means it’s more likely for workers who do their job online to stay at home rather than go to the office in the future. Many companies decided to implement the optional office presence policy and leave employees to determine if they’ll go to work or stay home.

Because of these changes, homeowners quickly abandoned the idea of minimalism. They used to spend too little time at home to care about functionality, but now when they are 24/7, trends change, and people prefer comfort and functionality.

Since we’re working, resting, and sleeping at the same place, we want to have a comfortable working chair, a big TV set, a soft sofa, a lot of plants to keep the place clean, and a fully-functional kitchen in which you can become the world’s greatest chef.

4. Oversized windows and a lot of sun energy

Talking about comfortable items around the home means the house needs oversized windows through which the sun will enter the rooms and fill the area. Staying a lot of time at home means we have no other way to get the necessary dose of vitamin D.

If you’re designing your new home now, opt for big windows that let a lot of light get inside the place. Face your office room to the south and ensure that you’re always exposed to the sunlight. If it becomes too bright, you’ll put down the shades but always have this option available.

5. Multifunctional yard, patio, and yard

Another part of the big change that the world sees right now – is the outside of the home. Your yard, patio, and parking place are turned into a playground now. Aside from their original functions, you should make them useful for exercise and walks.

Your garden should always be in perfect shape, so call a gardening company to keep it in the best possible condition. The patio or the terrace is where you’ll have that necessary break from work and relax your mind, and you should turn the parking place into a basketball court where you’ll be physically active afterward.

All these things point to a completely different modern home and trends changes. If you’re thinking about renovations or developing something brand new, these are some things to mind.

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