Toilets, along with showers or baths, are one of the functional reasons behind having bathrooms. The invention of indoor plumbing techniques made it possible for us to leave behind the age of using outdoors or chamber pots to conduct our vital business. A toilet purchase decision is more important than what might be apparent.

Suppose you are building a new home or having a bathroom renovation soon. In that case, you must consider the following features of a toilet:

Padded Toilet Seats

Naturally, comfort is one of the foremost priorities for ensuring the same in almost all aspects of your home, including your bathroom. With adequate comfort, not only do you benefit from convenience and usability, but it enhances the well-being of your family as well. Accordingly, toilet seat padding is an affordable toilet add-on or in-built toilet seat feature. It gives you the best of the worlds of convenience and affordability. Padded toilet seats also make life easier for people suffering from health issues that cause pain. Another demographic that stands to benefit from such padded seats are the elderly. Cold and hard toilet seats are unbearably uncomfortable. The review article at will help you choose the best one for your purpose. We can easily imagine that the prospect of sitting on the hard and cold toilet seat is uninviting to all people, especially to older people.

In-Wall Toilet Feature

You are looking for a toilet that lends a minimalistic and sleek profile to your toilet, then in-wall toilets are your best bet. Such in-wall toilets may come with tankless models or others where the bulky tanks are placed in the wall inside, hidden from plain view. Suppose your bathroom is particularly small or narrow. In that case, you can save on a considerable amount of space by using such in-wall toilets. The downside of such toilets is that their price is on the higher side. Besides, it is not an easy DIY option, as there needs to be the proper type of plumbing. If you don’t have the necessary plumbing features, you might need to take down your wall. The installation of such toilets is a task best when done by professional plumbers, which adds to the toilet cost. But provided you are willing to spend more and want a modern, sleek and minimalistic look, you need to consider the in-wall feature of a toilet.

Flushing Options

The flushing mechanism is another important feature that gives you several options for you to choose from. You can, of course, select toilets that employ the standard flushing mechanism, but there are other options open to you as well. One such popular alternative flushing mechanism is the one that uses a pressure-assisted flushing mechanism. They are set in the wall. Accordingly, you need to open the wall to determine if your toilet is suitable for using the flushing mechanism. If you choose a commode that employs such an alternative flushing mechanism, it will indeed cost you more. However, provided you get things right and have the proper setup, you can significantly save on cleaning time in the long run.

Seat Height

Another great toilet feature that people can benefit from is customizable seat heights. In the case of standard toilets, this height stands at seventeen inches. In most apartments, homes, and public bathrooms, this is the toilet seat’s usual height. But it helps to be aware that other available options are in the form of a nineteen-inch commode-seat, which professionals refer to as the comfort height. If you are OK with regular toilets and the seat height to be comfortable, you can skip this feature. Anyway, very few toilet models offer this comfortable height feature. But tall people or people who find it challenging to get in and out of toilet seats will find the comfort height feature useful. However, make the final decision only after considering all possible present and future users.

Buttons and Levers

Another essential part of a toilet you need to consider while buying one are levers or push buttons. Conventional commodes come with levers, while more modern toilet varieties are equipped with push buttons. Toilets of today come with two distinct buttons. One serves to carry out a full flush while the other uses a little bit less water. People who are especially concerned about the environment and take the idea of water conservation very seriously find such two-button toilets to be an attractive option. Two-button toilets are more expensive, but the water conservation features make it worth the additional cost.

Toilet Color

The distinctive color of toilets is white, and most toilet products in most toilet stores. White commodes also have the most significant resale value. But the potential design impact of colored toilets is significantly more. While using colored toilets, you can make them stand apart by intention or blend in more naturally with your bathroom décor.

pexels-photo-3935352 What Features to Look for When Buying a Toilet

Lastly, we need to emphasize that toilets particularly need to be reliable, especially if they are larger than the typical ones. Good toilets provide excellent durability and serve you for at least a decade or more. The features mentioned in this article will help you choose a toilet that fits your needs to perfection.

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