When you start noticing cracks on the walls, uneven floors, and extreme dampness levels in your basement, you need to seek professional help. Waterproofing services Columbia is the best solution for dealing with this sort of issue. Many homeowners wonder what will happen when they don’t do anything about it.

Pest Formation: When your home foundation has some cracks and gaps while the basement is wet, then this environment becomes a favorite party place of insects and pests.

Electrical damage: If the water in the basement is left untreated, then all the electrical machines and devices are at risk. When you do laundry here, your expensive automatic machine will become worthless sooner or later. Moisture next to the furnace, water heaters, and the electrical panel is nothing but absolute danger.

Home Value: During the inspection, if a dealer finds out that your home has a damp basement and you didn’t waterproof it, your home value decreases up to 25 percent.

Asset Damage: Water in a finished basement gives rise to other issues such as floor tile start lifting, rug and carpets ruins, mildew begin attacking your expensive furniture, etc. The flooring can warp, and it means extensive asset damage.

Structural Issues: Overlooking the most significant issue in your basement might let you save money at first. However, this damage will soon disrupt the whole structure. The bowing walls and warping roof or ceiling will break down and put complete home structure integrity at risk.

Health concern: Mold development in a wet basement is an unavoidable aspect. This growth won’t stop until it overtakes your home and gives rise to serious health concerns. The mold and allergens in your home will cause skin rash, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and respiratory ailments. Constant exposure to these issues may cause serious health concerns.

Don’t Wait, act Immediately.

As soon as you notice signs of damage, please act immediately. Contact the best Columbia waterproofing service provider. They offer a free inspection and offer you the best solution.

Whether it’s mold development in your basement, asset damage, or any other issue, it requires you to seek immediate professional help. The longer you wait, the more extensive damage you will have to fix- which requires you to pay a large sum of money.

What’s the Solution to All Problems?

Whether it’s extreme moisture level or sagging floor, you need to find a solution. Once you call waterproofing contractors Columbia, they come and inspect the whole space. Here are some solutions they recommend.

Installation of Vapor Barrier: Sometimes, cracks appear on walls as the soil has too much moisture, evaporating in the air. Experts install vapor barriers to deal with this issue.

Sealants: Another solution that is inexpensive and works as a quick fix is using some sealants. Injections are used to fill the cracks. Once cracks are filled, pest infestation won’t happen.

Dehumidifier: Extreme level of temperature and water difference in your home can easily be controlled through a dehumidifier.

Sump Pump – Is water starting to collect in your basement? Columbia contractors install a sump pump so that water can be extracted out.

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