Cleaning Express has a host of cleaning services available. So many, in fact that some of our new cleaning customers may get a bit confused as to what some of these house cleaning services are offering. So, below, we’re going to go into detail about some of our cleaning services and just what they can do for your home.

Different types of house cleaning services you can use

Regular house cleaning services

Our regular house cleaning services are excellent if you’ve been on top of your cleaning sessions and you just simply need a helping hand with a few weekly cleaning chores. Our cleaners can come to your home weekly, fortnightly, or monthly and be in your home for an hour, two or more if required.

During a two-hour regular house cleaning session, our cleaners can do quite a bit, including, just as an example:

The vacuuming (without moving any furniture)
Emptying all bins
Load/unload the dishwasher
Wipe all of the surfaces in the kitchen
Mop the floors
Dust bookshelves and tables

Of course, each house cleaning session is totally tailored to suit your needs each week. So, if you’ve had time to vacuum, our cleaners will focus on another task. None of your cleaning session time will be wasted. While our cleaners will try their best to get as much of the cleaning done for you, they may not be able to complete every cleaning task you need them to. If they can’t, our next cleaning service may be better suited to you.

Housekeeping services

Housekeeping services are much the same as regular house cleaning services. In that, the cleaning tasks on offer are mostly the same, with some added services. However, with housekeeping, our cleaner can be with you for longer. A housekeeper can be with you full-time if you need them to be. Still, the time a housekeeper is with you is completely customisable to you and your needs.

So, from full-time to a few hours every couple of days, a housekeeper can do all of your weekly cleaning tasks for you and a little bit more. Our housekeepers can do simple food shopping for you and even drop your kids to school in some cases. Housekeeping services are excellent if regular house cleaning sessions just aren’t offering enough cleaning time for you.

Deep cleans

Whether you’ve been looking for a domestic cleaner for a while or simply haven’t had much time to clean for a while, a deep clean is a great place to start your cleaning adventure.

A deep clean wipes the slate clean. A cleaning team will enter your home and clean it from top to bottom. They will get every inch of every room, including cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and more. Every area of the bathroom, kitchen, living room and everywhere else will be cleaned to perfection.

There are some additional cleaning services you can add to deep cleans to get the most out of them. Things like carpet shampooing and upholstery cleaning to bring life back to your carpet or your sofa.

Once the deep cleaning is complete, you can use regular house cleaning services to stay on top of the cleaning.

Before/after party cleaning services

This is one of the handiest cleaning services that we offer at Cleaning Express, and many of our existing cleaning customers take advantage of this service when they need their home to make the best first impression on their party guests.

As the name of this cleaning service suggests, we will come to your home and get it ready for an important party or event. We will clean your home to ensure it looks beautiful for your event. Or, and perhaps even more handy, we will come to your home after the party and clean up for you. No one likes cleaning with a headache!

Of course, we can always come before and after your party to make sure your home looks excellent for your guests and then looks its best for you to enjoy your hangover in peace the day afterwards!

A deep clean before putting a property on the market

Estate agents will often say that your home needs to make a big first impression on potential buyers. It needs to be a blank slate so that buyers can really imagine themselves living in it. Well, one way of creating this blank canvas is having your home deep cleaned before putting it on the market.

This (sadly) takes away your fingerprints from the house and allows buyers to imagine what they would do with the home if they owned it. It is a great way of getting potential buyers really excited about living in your home.

After building cleaning services

Lastly, we have our after building cleaning services. If you have ever had building work in your home, you’ll know how much dust is created and how the dust gets everywhere. Well, our cleaning team can come into your home with industrial cleaning tools and get rid of all the dust. Most cleaning companies will only clean the area where the building work took place, but this isn’t the Cleaning Express way. We treat these cleaning sessions just like a deep clean, and will clean every area of your home to ensure all dust, wood chips and plaster is gone forever.

To find out more about Cleaning Express’ cleaning services, please get in touch. We have lots of other house cleaning services available too. And if you don’t find the cleaning service you need for your home on our website, give us a call. We are happy to tailor any cleaning service to suit any home and situation.

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