One cannot talk about good health without talking about good sleep. Good sleep can make you energetic and happy as you start the next day. Sadly, we often wake up with shoulder and neck pains, especially if we’re side sleepers. However, body pillows are there to help alleviate these problems and help you enjoy some good sleep. While the size of the pillow can be intimidating, your can be sure to make the pillow your best sleep aid. If that’s the case, what is a body pillow and why you might need one:

Understand A Body Pillow

A body pillow is a long narrow pillow that you can cradle between your legs while sleeping on your side. Body pillows can come in many forms, including organic kapoks, natural shredded latex, a wool/latex blend, or pure natural wool.  They also come in varying sizes and can have unique filling materials based on your preferences.

These pillows are also suitable for different categories of people. For example, pregnancy body pillows are often u-shaped to give women some extra support and comfort. This pillow conforms to a pregnant woman’s body and is ideal for nursing, reading, and sleeping. A pregnancy body pillow can help support the back, knees, hips, and neck and help women overcome back pain and other pregnancy-related symptoms.

A Body Pillow is Good For Your Spine

The sole purpose of a body pillow is to support your entire body as you sleep and give you some extra comfort you need to have a better night’s sleep.  Designers at Resthouse reveal that if you hold your body pillow against the length of your body and have the pillow between your knees, the body pillow improves spinal alignment and can give you pressure point relief.  This pillow can also help you prevent collapsing as you sleep. You can ultimately enjoy some good sleep.

A Body Pillow Can Relieve You Of Some Pain

If you already have sleeping discomforts caused by lousy sleeping positions or a poor-quality mattress, a body pillow can help you ease these pains.  It can help you relieve your shoulder, neck, hip, and back pain. The pad can also help you overcome joint pressure that may lead to joint pains.  Similarly, if you are a stomach sleeper, this pillow can help you sleep as you maintain a natural spine posture.

It Can Improve Your Blood Circulation

There are likely days you’ve woken up feeling like your legs and arms are pretty tingly. Should this happen at night, you can have trouble continuing to sleep. This is because you probably sleep on your right side, and hence, you make it difficult for your blood to flow to various destinations. Remember, as your heart pumps out blood, the blood gets some circulation and afterward flows back to the right side of your body.

Furthermore, as you sleep on your right side of the body, you exert unnecessary pressure against many blood vessels and limit blood circulation. However, you can relieve this undue pressure on your right body side with a body pillow and enhance normal blood flow. With a body pillow, you do not have to sleep with your head on your arm as this too exerts too much pressure on your blood vessels, inhibiting normal blood flow.

It Can Help You Manage Stress

You hug the top part of your body pillow as you sleep and tuck the lower part of the pillow between your legs. This aligns your pelvis accordingly. Furthermore, as you hug the pillow, it can give you some luxurious comfort to calm you down and make you feel some self-love. As a result, you feel better settled emotionally. A body pillow makes you easily fall asleep.

Similarly, if you’re stressed up by your snoring habit, the pillow can encourage you to sleep on your side. This way, you will likely not snore. Likewise, acid refluxes and sleep apneas also come from some sleep discomforts and poor sleeping positions. Either of these can stress you and deny you a peaceful sleep. With a body pillow, all this can be a story of the past.

22-2 What is a Body Pillow and Why You Might Need One

When choosing a body pillow, think about your favorite sleeping position, height, and pre-existing chronic pans. Can use a body pillow for decoration and comfort, but you can also use it as a therapy to manage chronic pains. The pad can help you alleviate stress and reduce your chances of snoring. Additionally, a body pillow can help pregnant women sleep better and overcome pregnancy-related challenges, which may deny them a good sleep. You need a body pillow for efficient blood circulation as you sleep.  Don’t forget to check the breathability of the material on your cushion and the durability too. Body pillows are pretty costly.


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