Living in a container house seems like something out of the movies for many people. However, there are a lot of people who live in tiny container houses across the globe. These people haven’t only started living in tiny houses, this transition has also signified a complete change in their lifestyle. And a very positive one at that.


Many are now inclining towards the concept of container house living. Due to this latest trend, many businesses like are serving people according to their demands in terms of shipping container houses. Below, we will give you an idea of what it’s like living in a tiny house.


You learn to maximize the storage space

Living in a close-quartered space means that you have to make do with the limited amount of space available. This urges you to make the most of what you have got in terms of using up the available space. Built-in drawers under the stairs are a great way to save space.


In addition to this, under the couch storage can be used for TV trays, tray tables, and end tables. You can also use a full-length double-duty mirror for storing your jewelry and make-up, etc. Floating shelves and bed risers are also a great way of saving storage space. All of these require elaborate planning. You have to plan in a way so there is not even a single inch of space wasted.

Minimal but frequent maintenance and cleaning

This is a given advantage of living in a tiny container house. There is little space that you need to maintain and keep clean. However, because it is a small space, little clutter can seem like bulk and even a little dirt is noticeable. This requires frequent cleaning. The good thing is that since the inside of a shipping container home is tiny, it doesn’t take a lot of time to tidy it up.

You try to save space

Oftentimes, we find ourselves buying stuff on a whim just because we find it delightful. This causes us to spend the money on buying something that has very limited use to us. Living in a tiny container house makes people be mindful of what they buy as they are often already struggling with not having a lot of space.


The first thought these people have, “Do I really need this?” This causes them to calculate thoroughly what they buy. This attitude saves them money that can then be spent on stuff that they actually need or also for a much-needed fun vacation.

Everything is at fingertips

While it is a popular idea that living in a tiny house can get claustrophobic, the truth of the matter is that you can get claustrophobic living around huge bulks of clutter. Living in a tiny house essentially means that everything that you need is at an arm’s length and that nothing can possibly get lost in there. Even if you can’t find something, you only have about less than 400 square feet to search for it.

Hosting can be a tough job

If you love get-togethers and enjoy having friends and loved ones over, living in tiny container houses can prove to be a disadvantage. Container homes are tiny and they can feel cooped up even with 4 people inside. So, it would be wise to have people come over in the seasons when you can use the outdoors for parties including seating and other arrangements.

Monetary freedom

Tiny houses do not usually require a mortgage as they are too small and are difficult to finance. Not having to worry about a mortgage proves to be liberating for people. Also, people living in tiny houses have been known to be outdoorsy spending most of their time under open skies. They tend to go for regular walks and runs. They exercise more and are found to be closer to nature than people living in big, spacious houses. Spending more time outdoors also saves up power costs.

Finding your personal space can be a struggle

Living in a tiny house with no walls and doors means you are around each other all day. While this can be a great boost for a relationship (communication openly flows as there are no physical barriers), this also means little to no privacy inside. This can be a struggle for couples as alone time is very much essential for everyone. The solution for this is going out for a quick run or the time at respective workplaces.


It is an established fact that tiny house living is a whole new lifestyle and demands commitment and strategy. It offers you a lot of benefits like exponentially less clutter, saving up living costs, and makes you better at organizing. It, however, requires a great deal of vigilance, creativity, and great methodical skills to manage the lifestyle.