Are you currently planning to redecorate your home and are thinking about the right look and feel? The problem is, we’re sure you have found, with some trends, that they come and go, whereas others remain as popular as they were when they first emerged. Rather than wanting your style to look out of date and unfashionable, you may be looking to give it a timeless look that will not go out of fashion.

If you are unsure how to get a timeless look, we are here to help as we cover the 6 important rules you need to follow to achieve it.

Use High-Quality Products

One of the easiest ways and the number one rule when it comes to achieving a timeless look for your home is to use high-quality products, accessories, fabrics, and furniture. Such as the timeless modern living room furniture from EQ3. We’re not suggesting you need to spend a fortune on every element of your home’s décor. What we are saying though is, that we are looking for a timeless look to your house, you need to make sure you buy products that won’t fall apart or suffer wear and tear easily and quickly. If you spend less than a reasonable amount on your home’s décor, it will also show in the finished results.

Think About Symmetry

If you are interested in creating a timeless look in your home, one thing you need to think about is symmetry. Our eyes are drawn to things with balance and symmetry, which means that naturally, those kinds of designs are appealing.

The easiest way to achieve symmetry is by doubling up on the different items you have in your home. That doesn’t necessarily mean everything needs to be paired with something else. You can still have a focal point that is a single item, but to help that stand out more, the items you use around it should be pairs. Create balance on mantlepieces and other counters and worktops by placing two vases, one at either each etc.

What-Makes-a-House-Timeless_-2 What Makes a House Timeless?

Choose Classic Patterns

Another key way to achieve a timeless, classic look is by relying on classic designs and patterns like plaids, stripes, botanicals, and damasks. Try to stay clear of trendier prints like geometrics, animal prints and chevrons. We’re not being down on these designs, but if you are really looking for something that will stand in good stead for a long time, it’s better to go for tried and tested options.

Ideally, you should look to include a minimum of three different patterns within one room, varying them in scale, to achieve an optimal look. For example, you could have a small, medium, and large item in the same patterns.

Keep the Tech Out of Sight

Okay, so most of our lives revolve around technology and it would be hard to have a room in your home that you didn’t want to benefit from how modern gadgets can add to your home. However, if you really want to achieve a timeless look and feel to your home, you need to keep them out of sight.

It may not necessarily mean that you need to invest in the priciest integrated enclosures for your television, games consoles and other devices. One of the most problematic pieces to hide is the television, especially as they now have gotten bigger and bigger.

They are often the central focal point in living rooms. You need to learn how to decorate so you can camouflage it a little and give the room and your home a more classic and traditionally timeless look.

Avoid Trends

As we noted at the outset, trends come and go. There is really no way you can have too many trendy pieces and expect your home to have that timeless quality to it. You will find that most trends do not last more than a couple of years, and most have pre-destined expiry dates. Although many of them can be tempting, as soon as a trend is out, your home will look outdated.

If you want to succumb to some trends you can, but just do it in moderation. For instance, if it’s a modern and trendy colour or pattern, you could pick out some easily changed and small sofa throws or pillows. That way you can introduce those colours and styles in a moderate way to your timeless home.

Give your Rooms a Focal Point

One thing you will find, along with symmetry, that rooms with that timeless quality have focal points. This is because they are nice to the eye. You may not necessarily have to buy a focal point, because due to the design or layout of the room, you may have large picture windows or mantlepieces that can act as natural focal points.

You can also use artwork, furniture pieces, architectural elements and even media units that can act as focal points to draw your attention. The best way to establish focal points and where they should be positioned is to walk into the room and take a look around and see where your eye is drawn to more and then use that space to place the focal point if it’s not there already. Arrange everything else in the room around it to make sure it stands out and can really get the attention it deserves. You will find this helps to hold the room together.

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