Selling your house is a huge task. Finding a real estate agent, dealing with a limited timeframe, and looking for the right place to move can be overwhelming for even the most sturdy individual. Before you begin to panic, remember that there are a few easy things to get fixed up before you sell your place.

Make the Outside Look as Good as the Inside

The outdoor surrounding areas of your property are the first things that a potential buyer will see. Cleaning up your yard should be a priority before you put your house on the market. Most of these outdoor projects are pretty easy and shouldn’t take too much time.

First, make sure that you clean up any junky furniture or objects and haul them off to the landfill. If you have any dogs, you’ll want to hire a dog poop yard cleaning service to make sure that all pet waste gets disposed of. Next, look and see if there is any easy landscaping you can do, such as adding new plants, adding some nice outdoor seating, or investing in a few tasteful lawn decorations.

Give the House a Paint Job

Painting is an easy and affordable way to give your house a facelift. You’ll want to make sure that all the walls are clean and free of any dirt or oil. Make sure that you have enough painter’s tape, brushes, paint rollers, and other supplies before getting started. The next step would be to consider what color palette would suit your space. If your home is still furnished while you are painting, you may want to center the color scheme around your décor so it looks good for potential buyers.

Think About the Floors

Flooring is another huge factor that influences a homebuyer’s decision. Wall-to-wall carpet has been a popular choice in family homes for many years. It is affordable, comfortable, and comes in a wide variety of styles. Most younger homebuyers aren’t looking for the carpeted house they grew up in and prefer the classic look of hardwood flooring.

Wood is easy to clean, can be easily refinished, and is versatile when it comes to interior decorating. Depending on what flooring your home already has, you might want to think about fixing up the floors. If your home is carpeted and is covering up wood flooring, refinishing hardwoods can be an easy DIY task. Installing carpet is more difficult, but any existing carpet can look brand new after a good cleaning.

Do What You Can

Let’s say you have to move immediately or don’t have the financial means to fix up your house before putting it on the market. This is more tricky, but don’t lose hope. You can still sell your house either through a real estate agent or through a real estate investment company.

Going through an agent is the traditional option for most people selling their homes. But, traditional does not always mean better. Rather than getting paid hourly, most real estate agents and realtors charge a commission—this is usually 5%-6% of the final selling price. A way to avoid having to pay that fee is to sell your home to a real estate investor. For example, companies like We Buy Houses For Cash in NC specialize in purchasing homes quickly, especially those in need of repair.

Selling your home is a huge transition. Between moving and fixing up your house for a new owner, it can soon become overwhelming. Do what you can to make your house presentable and you will be sure to find someone who will love it as much as you do.