Building up any successful business relies on a combination of things. As well as sound financial acumen, strong marketing and great service, really connecting with clients in a positive way is essential. This should not only lead to more re-bookings but also a more positive brand reputation and fabulous word of mouth advertising for your company. All this is especially true in the interior design world as that special relationship with each client is key.

Without being able to connect and develop a strong client relationship on each project, it is hard to succeed within interior design. This is true for cleaning companies who may perform interior or exterior work for clients’ properties. You must be able to show that you care for your customers and that you value them – not only as clients but also as people.

But how can your cleaning company do this?

Having the right insurance in place

One very effective way to show clients that you care is to have the right insurance cover in place. This demonstrates that you are a professional outfit willing to spend money on looking after customers. It also shows that you think about your clients’ welfare and have provision in place for unforeseen disasters or accidents. All people who are looking to employ cleaners in their home will look for firms who have professional insurance before hiring them. It is key to make sure you pick the right cover for your services though.

Carpet cleaning insurance needs are specific to that type of work for instance and show why this is the case. Next Insurance is a top name in cleaning insurance, and their plans help to cover against both professional and general liability claims. While you may think it will never be needed, you simply cannot take that risk. Even if you never claim on your cover, clients will feel much more valued and likely to hire you with it in place.

Go the extra mile

Another way to really show you care to your cleaning clients is going the extra mile for them in your role. Whether it is interior or exterior work, giving them that little extra level of service can really make their day. Of course, it will also make them more likely to book you again and tell their friends how good you are.

Maybe you have been employed by someone who wants to reap the benefits of regular window cleaning for their home and notice that the garage windows need a going over as well. By doing this work for no extra charge, you will show you care about your customers and the service you give them. Remember to ask first though, in case the extra work you plan to do is not wanted!

Using top level products to clean with

Nothing shows that extra care and attention to clients more than using the best products. If you show up with top-of-the-range cleaning supplies which give superb results, your customers will see how much you value them. They will appreciate that you are happy to spend that bit extra on them to give them truly outstanding results.

Although all businesses need to keep an eye on the bottom line, try to use the best quality supplies you can – while still making a decent profit.

Don’t rush to finish

Of course, running a successful cleaning business relies on an organized schedule and getting jobs completed on-time. This does not mean you should rush through your work in a bid to finish quickly. Try to space your jobs out when booking them, so you avoid rushing but also still get to the next one as planned.

When actually cleaning at someone’s home, do a proper job and take your time to give effective results. This is crucial if they are present when you do the work. If the client sees you have no time to chat with them for a few minutes or are dashing to get the job done, they will not feel any warmth from you. Finding ways to show clients you care is really important and this is a great tip on going about it.

Happy clients are the ultimate goal

Although finding ways to make your clients feel valued is crucial in a business sense, it really is about making people happy. Our homes are our cherished sanctuaries where we retreat after a busy day. By showing your clients you care about them and their property, you are helping to not only reinforce this feeling but also enabling it to grow.