For quite some years now, the off-the-shelf steam showers supplied flat-packed for home assembly have proven to be exceptionally popular. After all, they have numerous great features and excellent value prices too. These self-contained models have introduced innumerable people to the various health benefits of regularly enjoying a 20 or 30-minute steam session.

These types of self-contained steam showers continue to be in great demand. They are not suitable for all situations and design requirements, though. For many clients, having a bespoke steam shower or steam room is the order of the day. The following steps are determining the size of the steam generator required.

How To Calculate The Total Cubic Footage

The first is to calculate the total cubic footage by taking the dimensions in feet of the designated space and multiplying the Length x Width x Height. Next are a couple of further calculations based upon the materials used on the walls and the general construction.

  1. MATERIALS: With marble walls, natural stone, or granite finish, multiply the total cubic footage by 2. For glass blocks and ceramic and porcelain tiles, multiply the total by 1.35. With any other type of finish, such as wall paneling, multiplying the sum by 1.25 will suffice.
  1. CONSTRUCTION: Where exterior walls of the property form part of the steam room space, add 10% to the total cubic footage for ONE wall and 20% for TWO walls.
  1. EXAMPLE: Let us first choose a 6ft x 5ft x 8ft (L x W x H) space. Add to this marble finish walls with two sides of the steam shower on exterior walls. The total cubic footage would therefore be 240 x 2 = 480 + 20% = 576 Cubic Feet.

Selecting The Correct size Steam Generator

Finally, choose the one that best matches your total cubic footage calculation from the steam generator size list below. Should you find your count at the top of these figures, the higher Kw steam generator is best.

Up To 125 Total Cubic Footage Calculation = 3kw Steam Generator

Up To 250 Total Cubic Footage Calculation = 6kw Steam Generator

Up To 350 Total Cubic Footage Calculation = 9kw Steam Generator

Up To 500 Total Cubic Footage Calculation = 12kw Steam Generator

Up To 675 Total Cubic Footage Calculation = 15kw Steam Generator

Taking the Example calculation of 576 as shown above, the 15kw steam generator would be most suitable for this steam shower space.

Important Extra Notes To Consider

Be aware there are a couple of caveats to add to the above steam generator calculations:

a) If there is an exterior skylight or window, add the next size steam generator. Windows must also be double glazed and internally sealed.

b) Your electricity supply voltage must be compatible with the steam generator voltage. In the UK, most steam generators are 230-240v, and as a general rule, most UK supplies are 220-240v – which is fine.

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