At some point, you may need to move. Some moves are easy. Some moves are hard. Make your life easy and follow a checklist when moving. Not sure what to do when moving into a new house? Firstly, unite all of your efforts into a single purpose: Make the place a home!

Well, you just invested in your new place and its time to handle the move in. You’ll definitely have a lot to cover so you definitely make a list. Below are a few key things to keep in mind. It isn’t everything but it is a start.

Start from scratch

People will rarely sell a house that has not been deeply cleaned, but that doesn’t have to mean you are not supposed to give a look. The feeling of moving in will be much more pleasant once you are sure there are no remains of the previous owner’s presence. Therefore, be ready to face dirt, dust in the corners, or missed water spots in the toilet, and to deal with them. You can do it yourself, or hire professional help.

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Give your windows some new looks

Yes, you’ve agreed that the vendor is going to take all of his furniture out. Still, it is very likely he will give up on his old, heavy curtains. Applying new looks in a place should always begin with new window covers, in shades and patterns that will make your everyday life more comfortable.

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Wall treatment

There is no faster way to give a place some new looks, than paining its walls. Fresh paint layers will change the way light spreads in your new home and it will affect all of the memories you’re about to create there.

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Still wondering what to do when moving into a new home? Be brave! Uplift dark walls with light colors and play with different tones. Use contrasts and rich palettes. If this is not really your thing, you can always choose few modern types of wallpaper.

Lighting and reflection

Don’t forget the power of light and reflection. Brighter colors can make smaller rooms look spacious. Similar effect can be achieved through the incorporation of mirrors, as long as you know how to avoid undesired perspective changes. Try to be careful with the accessories you apply-unless you are decorating large chambers, use only few effective ones.

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The bedroom comes first

Always start with the bedroom. It is a private room where there is not much movement, but it is still the room where you are going to spend most of your time. Calculate your budget and choose some elegant bedding (try to avoid saving, because the quality of your sleep equals the quality of every other activity you do). Paint the walls with calm, pastel tones and choose suitable window covers, which can be adjusted to the quantity of light you desire to let inside.

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Whatever you do, be careful. It is the one room that can reflect your habits and your personality, and it is very likely to remain unchanged years from now.

Develop space awareness

Don’t put yourself in such situations where you have to modify your furniture so that it will fit your space. Before the purchase, make sure you know the length of your walls or doorways, the room opening or the number of stairs you have. This clever approach will save time and energy, and it will show that you really love your new place.

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If not sure how to do your shopping, ask for professional advice. Interior designers will be more than happy to suggest furniture combinations and to explain how each piece would adjust to the structure of your house. What we recommend you is to try and be creative, and to avoid cliché items, such as matching sets or extremely large dining tables.

Choose a focal point

You need to create a pleasant environment which will radiate with balance and harmony. For the purpose, you ought to choose a focal point and accommodate the rest of your décor to it. It can be any of your favorite items-a classy painting, folding armchair or a Chinese vase. As long as you manage to adjust the colors and shapes of other elements, it will look perfect!

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Consider some texture

Texture is all about classy and warm fabrics. Patterned cushions and ornament wallpapers are just few of the things you can do to ensure there is comfort at home.

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Furniture is an investment

Proper furnishing is one of the most appropriate answers to the question ‘what to do when you move into a new house’. Decent furniture, which has beauty and excellent quality, is never cheap. Therefore, make sure you’ve chosen the right pieces which are not going to end up in your basement after only few years.

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While choosing, give priority to comfort. The shiny leather sofa may look absolutely stylish, but it doesn’t have the ‘comfy hand’ of microfiber. You ought to remember this when you lean back to read or when your cat jumps on it to cuddle with you.

Use your walls to express creativity

Accent walls can make your place cozy and interesting. Try painting a single wall, instead of all of them, and you’ll create a much stronger impression. Remember that this is also a smart decision, because you can easily change the color if you stop liking it.

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Don’t underestimate the negative space

Negative space is quite common in the houses of new inhabitants who like simplicity. In fact, every space around the house which is not decorated or has not been used for a particular purpose is a negative space (for instance, the white walls). These places certainly tell a story of their own, but our advice is to cut on their size and to think whether they can be used.

Making the most of negative spaces can be a bit tricky, but we have few interesting tips:

  • Avoid chaos. A clutter of accessories and unnecessary furniture can easily kill comfort. Some places require diversity, but not all of them. Take it easy! Free space is always welcomed.
  • Don’t leave anything to the chance. Leave negative spaces intentionally and don’t let them look like abandoned corners which serve no purpose. For instance, you can always use them to simplify your decorations or to calm the bold colors you’ve used.
  • Take care of shapes. An amusing negative space can be also created with contrasting shapes. Sharp edged tables against curvy sofas or rounded chairs in squared rooms can take monotony out of your house and turn it into a place to remember.

Use modest accessories on lower surfaces

Tiny décor memories can have a special place in your new home, just as they have in your heart (especially if you brought a bunch of old accessories you just couldn’t throw away). Photo frames, porcelain angles or large clocks may not be up-to-date, but they are associated with memorable moments and will certainly fill the emptiness of your new home. Besides, those are the elements that speak the loudest about your personality.

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Have an eye-catchy home

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Personalize your space with visual contrasts and accessorizing experiments. Make it recognizable by its stuffy pillows, traditional patters and thematic wallpapers. Long story short, make sure that the overall impression is really unique and it will be obviously interesting for your family and your guests.

traditional-patio What To Do When Moving Into A New HouseImage source: Conklin Limestone

Remember: Good doesn’t necessarily mean New

Yes, it’s a new house and you want to fill it with new stuff. However, this is not absolutely necessary (even when the budget allows it). We encourage you to implement some ‘vintage spirit’ and to browse for furniture in alternative places (antique stores, flea markets or garage sales). You can also bring some of your ‘history’ belongings and give your rooms the comfort of a real, personal home.

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