If your home has a garden, you might be concerned about how to protect it from sun rays. It is true that your plants require sunlight to grow; however, exposure to too much heat can damage them.

So, in order to keep your plants safe from high temperatures, you need to get a parasol for your garden. Parasols are a great addition to any garden, whether they’re made of traditional wood or woven cloth.

Parasols are not only for providing shade; they can make your garden look colorful and glamourous. If you don’t know much about parasols and thinking about getting a new one, then this guide can help you.

Here, we share all the details that you should look for when buying a parasol for your garden.

Assess The Landscape Well

Before considering going shopping, you need first to assess the landscape you are planning to get a parasol for. Consider the layout, plants grown and the style of the landscape. You must also consider the style of your house or the situated building. This is for the Parasol to really ‘fit in’ the whole setting. Once you really know the place you are buying a Parasol for, you can get shop the best. The right Parasol can complement your garden all the more.

Knowing the Different Sizes

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Garden Parasols are available in varied sizes you can choose from. You have to choose yours according to the height and diameter you require. Generally, Parasols are two meters in height and adjustable but you can also avail with more heights. Speaking of the diameter, the variety ranges from two meters to four or more.

To get the best out of your Parasol, determine the number of seats you want to place under it. This would help determine the diameter you are required to get. For example, if you wish to seat two people, you would only require to get a two-diameter Parasol.

The Material for the Canopy

The most crucial aspect you have to take care of is while material for the canopy. Most commonly, polyester is used as they are tearproof but if bought in a dark color, they start to fade after a few years of constant use. Other materials used are olefin, woven cloth, aluminum and acrylic. The aluminum Parasols last up to three years but offer better protection than polyester ones. On the other hand, acrylic and olefin ones have much better aesthetic value and last longer than polyester and aluminum.

To increase your Parasol’s life, you can follow certain steps. You can keep the Parasols covered in times of harsh weather conditions. You can also put a cover on your Parasols during summer days to prevent fading.

Many companies manufacture Parasols that come with fade resistance which are a little on the expensive side. Still, if you want something to last longer and, at the same time, complement the décor of your garden, you should be ready to invest a little better.

Selecting the Frame

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Besides choosing the size and material of the Parasol, you also need to select a proper frame for it. The frames are available in wood, stainless steel, fiberglass and aluminum or a mixture of all. The stainless-steel frames are more resistant and have a longer life. But the ultimate choice depends on the décor requirements of your garden.

There is a wide range of Parasols types available:

1.       Upright Parasols- they stand on a pole placed in the middle of the canopy. Canopies can be availed in circular, square and rectangular shapes.

2.       Cantilever Parasols- the pole is situated on the side of the canopy and hence, no obstruction is faced while making the seating arrangement.

3.       Tilting Parasols- these are almost similar to upright Parasols but come with an adjustable pole that allows you to change the angle of the canopy according to the position of the sun.

Bottom Line

You can use parasols for various situations. As mentioned earlier, apart from their functional usage, the parasols can give an aesthetic touch to your garden. As you obviously want to get a long-lasting parasol for your garden, make sure to get one that has a strong frame and the material doesn’t fade easily. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the parasol if you follow the advice mentioned in this article.

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