There are a lot of things to consider when you are planning to remodel your kitchen. The layout of the new design and when to call Milestone plumbing services are major considerations.  What do you need to know about your kitchen plumbing remodel?

When planning the plumbing for a kitchen remodel, you should pick the sink and cabinets early in the design. You also need to consider the existing plumbing and how it ties into the new design, as well as when you should install the flooring of your new kitchen.

Below we will take a closer look at some of the plumbing issues you should consider when doing a kitchen remodel.

Picking a Sink

In the early stages of planning the kitchen remodel you should decide on the kitchen sink, you will install. Kitchen sinks can vary greatly in size and design and some may require special cabinetry. Choosing the sink early in the process will allow you to adjust the cabinet sizes you need. It will also help you to finalize the location of everything in the kitchen.

Waiting until after you have set the plan for the space and size of everything, there might not be enough room for the sink you choose. It could limit the size and options available if you wait to pick the sink late in the planning process.

What Plumbing Work is needed

You should also consider what plumbing work will be needed during the remodel. Is the location of your plumbing features going to stay in the same location, or do you plan on moving the sink and other appliances?

Another issue to consider is the age and type of plumbing you have in your kitchen. Are the pipes old and should be considered to be replaced or have they been replaced before the remodel?

Venting the Sink

When planning the remodel, make sure you include any required plumbing changes that are necessary. Plumbing vents are necessary to ensure the proper operation of your drain lines. If plumbing vents are not installed you will have the risk of sewer gasses entering your home. There may also be difficulty with your drains. Plumbing vents help prevent a clog or slow-moving drains by allowing air to enter the plumbing system.

When to Install Flooring?

Choosing when to install the flooring can affect the entire remodel of the kitchen including the plumbing. Installing the cabinets and then installing the flooring may save you some money on the flooring, but it can limit the availability to replace the cabinets in the future. Dishwashers can be hard to remove and replace if there is a difference in the height of the flooring.


When planning out and remodeling your kitchen you will need to pick a sink early to finalize the location of all the appliances and ensure there is adequate room to fit everything. You will also need to consider the age of your pipes as well as their placement. Finally, installing the flooring first could eliminate future issues.

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