There’s no denying how convenient it is that you can buy just about anything online nowadays — including air filtration products for your home.

You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the right furnace filter for your home before you make any online shopping commitments. There are some tips and tricks you’ll to want to know before purchasing your furnace filter online.

If you have ever wondered “where can I order furnace filters online?” just know that your options are endless. That said, like with any online purchase, there are certain things you will need to decide and identify before adding a furnace filter to your virtual shopping cart.

Buy in Bulk

When shopping for a furnace filter online, look for a brand that provides the option to buy in bulk — this will save you time and money! Plus, buying in bulk means you likely won’t have to pay shipping fees as your purchase will likely hit the free shipping mark.

Order the Right Size

When determining the size of the furnace filter that you need, make sure you identify the actual size instead of the nominal size. A common mistake is purchasing a filter based on its nominal size.

Be sure to consult a filter’s description to see its nominal size and its actual size. This will help to ensure that you order the right filter to fit into your furnace. That said, if you do order the wrong size, the beauty of e-commerce is that you can always return that filter and order the right one!

Identify the MERV You Need

Make sure you know what MERV rating will best suit your home and indoor air quality. MERV indicates a furnace filter’s strength and ability to trap various particulates.

For example, if you have pets, you will want to opt for a MERV 11 to better trap a larger volume of allergens like pet dander. If you don’t have asthma, pets or a smoker in your home, you can typically get by with a MERV 8.

Review the Return Policy

Don’t get yourself into the situation where you have to pay double the price of your filter to return it. Before purchasing your filter online, carefully review the brand’s return policy to make sure that if you need to send the product back, it won’t be a complete hassle.

If you notice the return policy is convoluted or impractical, you can always find a different brand to order from! Plenty of brands offer hassle-free returns.

Is There a Subscription Service?

The easiest way to order your furnace filters online is to subscribe to a service. This way you can get the right filter at the right time — and can order multiple all at once!

Opt for a brand with a subscription service that will automate your process. When you subscribe for a furnace filter service, all you need to do is identify how many furnace filters you need and how often you want them sent.

Buying your furnace filter online makes it that much easier to look after your indoor air quality and diligently replace your filters. That said, be sure you know exactly what you’re looking for to prevent dreaded hassle-packed returns.