Having to share your home with bed bugs isn’t very nice, making it understandable why those suffering from an infestation are keen to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Often, this is done through a DIY approach so that the issue can be dealt with immediately.

Truth is, this is usually totally ineffective, and might even make matters worse. An over the counter spray from a DIY store will only probably kill off some of the bugs, and if not used carefully, can be dangerous to both humans and pets.

So, what is the quickest way to get rid of bed bugs? It’s to call a pest control company. But, what’s important here is to choose the right one. To do this, ask them lots of questions to see how knowledgeable they are. Ask them about their success rate, and whether their work comes with a guarantee.

Once you’ve chosen the right company, there are some things you’ll need to do at home to allow the pest control company to get to work right away.

What to do Before the Pest Control Company Arrive

As you know, the quickest way to get rid of bed bugs is to skip the DIY sprays, and call in an expert bed bug removal service. There are things you can do before they arrive to make the process even quicker.

Tidy Up

Remove objects like cardboard, magazines or newspapers, as these are ideal hiding places for bed bugs. Do not leave clothing and accessories on the floor. Throw away or recycle items you no longer need, but if you pass them on to someone else, make sure they’re not infested.

Clean Everywhere

By allowing a clear passage throughout your home, your pest control experts will be able to do the job quicker. Wash clothing and textiles on the highest heat they can manage, sealing them into plastic bags when the cycle is complete. Vacuum all floors, then double bag the contents of the vacuum, disposing of it in your outdoor bin.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Gaps around electrical outlets and skirting boards make perfect hiding places for bed bugs. Not to mention loose wall paper as well. If you identify these defects in your home, caulk the gaps, and glue down loose paper on walls so the bugs have nowhere to hide!

Move Your Bed

Start by moving your bed around 6” from the wall. Then, remove all the bed linen and wash it on the highest heat it will take. Once the cycle is complete, seal it in bags. Cover both the box spring and mattress with a high quality encasement which won’t tear. Finally, remove any discarded objects from under the bed itself.

Allow Access

The final step is to make sure the pest controllers can access every area of your home they need to. Doing this will allow them to get to work quicker, eliminating the problem sooner, and not allowing it to get any worse.

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