If eyes are indeed the windows to our souls, then your home’s windows are quite literally the “window” into the most precious of our physical possessions. Your home is your castle, it’s where you raise your family, come to relax after a long day’s work, and enjoy spending time at leisure.

Yet, as with anything in life, age and other factors can wreak havoc on those aspects of your home that are important to both its form and function, as well as aesthetic beauty. Your windows, quite literally, take a beating.

From sun to rain, snow, ice and wind, even the best made windows won’t last forever.

Your Edmonton Windows:

  • Insulate your home
  • Keep out rain, snow, wind and other elements
  • Provide a literal window into the outdoors
  • Facilitate ventilation and let in sunshine
  • And more…

But when it comes time to upgrade or purchase new Windows Edmonton, many homeowners don’t know where to turn. Sure, there are big box “home goods” stores like Home Depot, and certainly online options…but which is better?

And most importantly, which type of store will best address your specific needs and concerns.

The following represent a few key factors that you may want to take into consideration as well as window energy efficiency when shopping for new windows in Edmonton:

  • Customer support
  • Service
  • Installation options
  • Delivery
  • Production/wait times for customization
  • Product selection (vinyl windows, custom windows, and more)
  • Reputation / reviews
  • And more…

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this list of the best places to buy windows in Edmonton, AB. Read on to learn more, and as always, feel free to explore the links in this article for more information and to connect with professionals that can assist you in your search.

Where to Buy Custom Windows in Edmonton

  1. Online Stores

There are many benefits that come from shopping online, with convenience at the top of the list. Shopping online allows you to peruse multiple options, compare prices, easily read reviews, check up on social media and how they communicate with customers, and so on.

But, that doesn’t mean online shopping for windows is without its downfalls. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad below…


  • Convenient, open 24/7, on your time, not theirs
  • No commute time to showrooms
  • Often a wider selection to choose from
  • No salesmen to deal with
  • Some partner with local contractors for seamless installation


  • Can’t see and feel the product first hand
  • Shipping costs may impede on your budget
  • Not all online stores partner with installers (meaning you’ll still have to find your own)
  • Returning damaged or incorrect orders may be a hassle
  • Possibly no local support (depending on the store)
  • Security issues with data, privacy and processing credit cards online
  1. Local Brick and Mortar

Local stores may have both a physical presence and an online one, such as Window Mart, which in some ways makes them the best of both worlds. However, those store with only a local physical presence may be at a disadvantage. Let’s review below…


  • Local service and support is always a positive
  • Ability to view products and showrooms first hand
  • Can often meet with a salesperson or consultant in person to discuss options
  • Returning items may be easier due to shorter transport


  • Product selection may vary or be limited
  • Limited hours of operation
  • Commute time to and from the store
  • The possibility of pushy sales reps
  • Financing may or may not be available
  1. Big Box Stores

Here we give “big box” stores their own category. We’re talking about the likes of Home Depot and Lowes. In some ways these stores offer much of the convenience of online shopping, but in store. In other ways they generally fall short.


  • Local
  • Easy to pick up and have goods delivered
  • Convenient – can shop for other home goods on the same trip
  • May offer financing through company credit cards


  • Lack of pre and post-sale service and support
  • Quality of products is often lower grade
  • Selection may be limited only to a few brands they partner with
  1. Specialty / Boutique Stores

Specialty stores, like Window Mart, are the crème de la crème of any niche product retailer. They specialize in one or a few types of products and strive to provide the very best in service, support and value for their customers.


  • Usually offer the best service from pre-sales to after purchase assistance
  • Often have the most knowledgeable staff and support teams
  • Generally carry high-quality product lines that perform better than generic “retail” products offered in big box stores


  • Sometimes charge a premium – reflected in the quality of goods and service
  • May have limited product lines available

Closing Thoughts

No matter what your decision, finding the right windows for your home or office isn’t always an easy task. Make sure you go with a store like Window Mart that has a knowledgeable staff, a strong reputation of customer service, solid reviews, and a selection of products that is sure to fit virtually any need.