If you have a fire pit, you will probably find that it gets used mostly during the warmer days and nights of summer and maybe a little during fall when it’s cooler, but there’s still a bit of background heat. Does that mean you can’t use it during winter at all? Not exactly, although you need to be careful to look after it.

In the following post, we are going to look at different options for what to do with an outdoor fire pit when the temperature drops and the ice and snow start to appear.

Move it to Your Patio or Decking

The first suggestion on our list is probably one of the easiest. If you have a patio or decking area, particularly if it is free of overhead wires or overhanging trees, you can use that.

Obviously, you need to measure to protect the wood or other surfaces in the patio or decking, such as a fire-protectant pad.

It’s obviously a good idea to move it before snowfall starts, but if you have to when snow is already on the ground, you may need to shovel or blow snow away to make a pathway to pull it along.

Build a Snow Fort

This may be a bit leftfield, but we felt this was too an interesting idea to not include in this list. It’s especially fun if you have younger children or teens at home, especially as you can bribe or cajole them into helping you with the building. The next suggestion is to build a snow fort. Okay, so it requires a bit more work, and safety should always be an important consideration; it is quite a lot of fun. Imagine all those enjoyable times you could spend outside on those brisk, wintry nights when the air is cold but has that fresh scent. Setting up the firepit, sitting around, telling stories, and share laughs with family and friends.

Store it in A Garage or Shed

Perhaps you don’t want to use it until the weather is at least a bit more manageable and warmer. If that is the case, you could simply store it away somewhere, so it’s safely undercover. Do you have a garage or a shed? You could make some space and cover it with some fire-retardant tarpaulin (just to make sure it is unlikely to start any accidental fires).

Even if you don’t have anywhere you can store it; there are also firepit covers you can buy. The one thing we would definitely advise you against is using it in your home. Firepits can create a buildup of harmful gases and toxic smoke, such as carbon monoxide. This is obviously something you want to avoid, as it’s not just a fire risk but could cause health issues.

Dont Move It at All

Okay, so this seems to go against the very ideas we are trying to convey with this post but hear us out. Rather than actually having to move it anywhere, you could actually put it to good use where it is, or at least somewhere outside. Why not invite a bunch of your friends and relatives and have a memorable outdoor party? The heat from the fire pit and the warmth from all those bodies together will surely take the edge of the cold air. If you don’t have an outdoor fire pit, check out

BBQ season doesn’t have to be over; you just need to change your perspective of what a BBQ or outdoor party can and should be. All you need to do is light it up and get some music playing and dance the chills away.