While choosing a paint for your home is easy, choosing one for the office space if equally difficult. For your home, you just need to pick what you like, it can be any colour and any shade. But for an office, you cannot just pick what you like. For instance, you like lavender, will it suit the walls of an accounting firm or will it look professional enough?

How to choose the right colour for office spaces?

A study conducted in 2012 revealed that the colour white gives a more clinical and hospital like feel. People feel unwelcome and intimidated in a space with white walls. While we grew up associating bright colours to high energy, a psychology study has shown that red increases the intensity of emotions and makes everything feel urgent and leads to worry and anxiety. This is not very ideal for an office setup, right? However, this can be ideal for driving the sales and that is why many retail outlets use the colour red in their signages.

If you are confused, then you can hire a professional Painting Company In Brisbane and they will advise you on what is the right colour for your office space.

Effect of different colours on the mood and energy

Angela Wright, the famed psychologist proved a correlation between human behaviours and colours. She wrote the Wright Theory after years of study of effect of colours on human’s behaviour and mood. For the four primary colours she concluded:

  1. Blue: Mind

The colour blue leads to higher productivity by stimulating the mind. The shades of blue help stay focussed even during repetitive work. Accounting offices often make use of this colour to enhance productivity and keep the employees focussed.

  1. Red: Body

As we mentioned above, red invokes the sense of urgency and anxiety. For jobs that involve construction or physical labour red will stimulate the energy levels.

  1. Green: Balance

Green is about calmness, balance and reassurance. You may think green is the colour of money. In finance industry green is commonly used and works well.

  1. Yellow: Emotion

Yellow is the ideal colour for creative jobs as it stimulates emotions. It invokes happiness and brightens up spirits.

If two primary colours are mixed you get a secondary colour and the effects of the primary colour mesh together to give the effects of the secondary colour. For instance, if you pick up orange which is a combination of red and yellow, it combines the passionate energy associated with red and happiness of yellow. It is said orange colour enhances the oxygen flow to the brain.

Colour that work best for the office

Here is a list of colours that work best for office spaces and for more specific advise you can consult a local painting contractor:

  • Teal or light blue
  • Off-white
  • Gray
  • Bluish gray
  • Light blue
  • Pastel yellow
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Green

Adding accent colours to one wall can enhance the look of the room, whereas using it on all the walls may not be so soothing to the eyes.

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