So your anniversary is coming up again, is it? We’ll take a wild guess and say that you’re struggling to think of a good gift- we all go through this struggle, after all. There are so many items out there to choose from that it actually makes it too difficult; what defines the difference between a good present and a bad one? There are always the safe options of chocolate, flowers and jewellery, but it’s always good to mix it up every now and then. But just what do you mix it up to? How do you find a risk-free gift that’ll guarantee you a place in the good books with your partner for months to come? That’s where we believe canvas prints come into the equation- but just what are these? What makes them sp special? Don’t worry, we’re here to discuss everything you need to know about why a canvas print can be a great anniversary gift.

So what actually is a canvas print? More or less, it’s an image which is printed out and stretched out into a frame. You can choose whatever image you want to be placed within this frame, giving you a great deal of creative control. The images are usually really high quality after they’ve been stretched, and they range in size depending on how big you want them to be.

So what is it about these canvas prints that puts them right up there with the best anniversary gifts? First of all, they’re a really original idea. Look around your family or group of friends; how many of them do you know that’ve bought their partner something like this? If you do buy one, it’ll represent a real stroke of inspiration and originality. It’ll be unlike any present you’ve ever purchased for your partner before, and will be sure to thrill them. It’ll buck the trend of getting the same old kind of presents year after year, offering up something totally different. It’ll be a lovely surprise for your loved one and you can sit back and cherish the look on their face as they unwrap it.

Secondly, the whole point in buying one of these canvas prints is so that you can frame a precious moment from the years you’ve spent with your partner- and that’s exactly what they’ll allow you to do. You can choose whatever photograph you like, however special it is, and have it magnified to be placed on your wall. You’ll be able to see it all the time and it’ll really emphasise the love you and your partner have for each other. Even if you don’t want to make it a photograph of you both and simply a photo you know means a lot to the both of you, then that’s fine; the beauty of this gift is the total creative control you have over it.

They’re also a really long lasting gift. Unlike a box of chocolates which are eaten within a day, or a bunch of flowers which will last a few weeks at most, these canvas prints will last a very long time. They are designed to remain hanging on your walls for years, meaning your present will always be around and is actually a sort of investment as well. They do tend to fade a bit if they are exposed to direct sunlight, but still not to the drastic effect where the photo will suddenly disappear after a few months. If you have it in a place in your home which isn’t exposed to the brightest of sunlight, it has the potential to last for years and remain as high quality an image as ever. Even if it is and you want the sunlight to reflect off it for added effect, it’ll still last a while.

You’ll be able to get a canvas print for a pretty good price as well. Some are more expensive than others, of course, and it depends which company you go to to get yours. However, the general price of these kinds of gifts are really reasonable for what you’re getting. For a long lasting, high quality image which will really add to the decoration element of your home and delight your partner, you can’t complain at the prices that are offered. You should almost look at it as an investment, as you aren’t buying a present which will disappear after a week; it’ll still be here for years to come.

This leads us onto our next point- the fact that buying a canvas print for your partner will mean you are also buying a decoration for your home. We know we’ve touched on this in previous paragraphs, but we still feel it’s worth going over again. As most people tend to hang these prints on their wall, it really gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of their picturesque nature and doll up your home a bit. Find a nice empty patch of wall and fill it up with your canvas. This allows you to even plan in advance; you can think about where you’d want to put it and can prepare its size and shape way before you even hand it over as a gift.

The fact that it will hang on your wall will also serve as a constant reminder of the great gift you bought your partner. This will be especially great if it’s for a real landmark anniversary (10th, 25th, etc) as your partner will be constantly reminded of it. With it hanging on the wall, hopefully in a place they can’t miss it, every time they walk by it they’ll remember what a brilliant and thoughtful gift you provided, scoring you brownie points for years to come.

We know we’ve slated chocolate and flowers a bit in this article, but buying a canvas print will actually allow you to compliment them nicely. With the print as a main gift, you can then surround with smaller, thoughtful gifts including chocolates, flowers and jewellery. This will bulk up the number of gifts and get you even further into the good books.