Everyone wants to have a beautiful home with some lush green and an amazingly beautiful interior.  This is a dream which is realized through an interior designer. As they go about their daily chores, it is easy for them to damage property, cause injuries, or commit other errors that may be costly.  Therefore, it is only prudent for you as an interior designer to have an insurance cover. It is a cost, yes, but you cannot compare such with all that you may be required to pay in case you cause damage to someone’s property or get injured in the line of duty.

Why you need insurance as a business designer

Do you know that as an interior designer, you are at the risk of causing damage to your client’s property or your workers may incur injuries at the workplace? In such cases, you may be required to pay for the cost which sometimes may mean your business goes down.

An interior designer’s cover takes care of claims that emanate from general and professional liability which could lead to punitive legal fees. You could be operating the business as a sole proprietor or with just a few employees; protecting yourself from costs that could be as a result of damages or injuries is prudent.

Again, one of your duties as an interior designer is to give advice on designs and sometimes something may go awry- the client may sue you for professional errors and omissions. An interior decorator and design insurance professional liability insurance will cover you in such cases.

Types of interior designer insurance policies

Professional indemnity insurance

Your work as an interior designer is to plan for changes in the existing interiors, plan new interiors for commercial buildings or individual residences.  As an interior designer, you are responsible for analyzing and the needs and goals of the client budget projections and limitations schedules of projects and safety requirements.

It is also your responsibility to prepare preliminary plans to estimate costs, develop presentations that could be in terms of sketches, renderings, perspectives, collaborate with other professionals and most importantly reviewing and evaluating projects with instructions from clients. All that is risky work and if in any case, a client suffers loss from a design which you gave, and then they could sue you. With a professional indemnity cover, you don’t have to be worried- you’re covered against such costs.

Public liability insurance

As you or your employee visit a customer’s premises, their actions could lead to the injury of another person. Again, any person coming to the place of business may get injured and here you will be responsible for their compensation. You don’t want to incur such costs which sometimes may go up to millions of money. With public liability insurance, you don’t have to be scared, any such costs are covered. This policy also covers you in case an employee causes damage to the property while at the customer premises. For instance, they could break a customer’s item while doing a delivery in their home.

As an interior designer, you want to do your work perfectly and deliver it to the letter. However, so much is involved in your delivery; there are employees and clients’ properties. Thus there could be injuries or damage to property. All that may lead to costs that you may be forced to pay and that’s why you need an insurance cover where the insurance company will come in to compensate on your behalf. Get an appropriate policy from a reliable insurance company and enjoy the peace of mind.