You must be thinking is it at all possible that the garage doors open by itself? Absolutely, it is possible, although this is the malfunctioning of garage doors. This is a rare problem but can happen due to a short circuit on the board, the garage door opener transmitter, wiring of the wall button, the wired keypad, or any issues related to electronics.

The remote sends signal automatically to close and open the door without your information. This can create safety issues for your residential or commercial garage doors. The wrong signal can be the reason of a defective remote, or the batteries are worn off. If this happens when you are not at home then it can give easy access to the intruders inside the house. This can risk your family’s safety.

You can solve this issue by repairing your home’s garage door. You can call an expert to solve your problem before any hazard is done. Some unusual factors are causing the door to open by its own. Please find below the couple of issues that we have come across:

  • After 1993 the electric garage door openers come with two safety mechanisms. First one is photoelectric and the second one is mechanical. The door keeps opening because of the misalignment of the photoelectric reversal system.
  • There are two sensors available, and any misalignment of these sensors can keep the door open. Closing the garage doors will be difficult. This is the reason for the cut off from the beam, and it makes the sensor feel there is some object in front of the door and it prevents the door from closing.
  • Realign it and check the wall panel, so it can start working properly. Also, get the indicator light to stop from blinking.
  • During winter it can be an issue. When there is an accumulation of snow or ice in front of the garage door, it can cause a problem to the door from closing. If the door is working, then it can build up and depend on the sensitivity may cause the door to reverse.
  • Power fluctuation due to the lightning of the storm the door can open up. It can be a reason due to damage to the electrical circuits required for your door opener. The power fluctuation can also scramble your code and this can stop your door from closing and keeps it opened till the problem is solved.
  • Batteries can be an issue for this problem. The batteries of the opener can be dead and this makes the remote unable to work.
  • There is another reason due to which this can happen if the door is manufactured between 1993. The remotes were programmed by positioning clips.

Before you leave your home make sure the door is entirely closed, there is no obstruction, and none of the security reasons is facing problems. If these all are not in place, then it can reopen the door. Even you can install a monitor which will help the garage door to close completely. Fixing this will ensure whether the door is entirely closed or opened.

Get some better program to be installed so that you are informed if the door is unclosed. Also, you can program the door so that it closes within 60 seconds of the door opens.

Have you ever had an issue with the garage door opening and closing? You must have taken a step to solve this problem. Share with us what all you have done to solve this problem. Let us know in the comment below. We would like knowing about your experience.