Global warming is becoming an increasingly hot topic for governments across the world. We can all see the effects of man-made climate change, and the scientific consensus is that change needs to happen right now if we’re to stand any chance of stopping further, and even more damaging, climate catastrophes in the future. Like all change, however, it needs to start with us, and that means we have to do all we can to make our homes greener. We should recycle as much as we can and avoid the use of single-use plastics where possible, but installing eco-friendly heat recovery systems can also reduce your carbon footprint.

What Are Home Heat Recovery Systems?

Heat recovery systems are increasingly being turned to for use in commercial and domestic properties, and they can change the way your home feels for the better. A heat recovery system works by extracting warm, moist air that is present in rooms via a system of ventilation valves, pumps, and a control unit that is usually positioned in the attic or roof space. The heat is then recovered from the extracted air and then supplied back into the rooms. This not only has the effect of making your rooms feel warm and welcoming all year round, but it also creates a fresher, less stale atmosphere, and this can be particularly helpful for people with allergies or conditions such as asthma.

Recycling Your Air

More and more people are recycling glass, metals, and paper, which is good news for the environment, and recycling the air within your home can be just as eco-friendly. A home that doesn’t have a heat recovery system in place will typically lose considerable amounts of heat through windows, doors, and the roof, and this means that it’s losing energy and having to drain natural resources to create more. Recovering and then recycling warm air leads to a much more energy-efficient home, and this is just what a heat recovery and ventilation system does. Rather than having to generate completely new warmth using gas and electricity, it filters and re-uses much of the warmth that has already been generated.

Turn Down The Thermostat

Modern heat recovery systems for the home from expert suppliers such as BPC Ventilation can recover up to 95% of the warm stale air and recycle it as fresh air, and they can cost much less than you might think. They’re a great way to keep rooms pleasantly warm even on the coldest of days, and new build properties with a heat recovery system in place can typically save up to 30% on their energy bills. It can bring savings in domestic properties of all kinds, and that means you can turn the thermostat down. That’s a major step towards a greener home and a smaller carbon footprint.

Home heat recovery systems reduce energy loss, recycle air, and allow you to lower your energy consumption, which makes them more eco-friendly and a greener heating solution. Not only can they save you money on your bills, but they can also help to save the planet, and we all need to take steps to make our homes greener right now.