Southwestern and western rugs hold a special place in my heart. Each rug seems to carry an important part of history and culture, woven in intricate designs and natural colors. They take me back in time, to a place where nature flourished unhindered. Where the vivid colors of the seasons, and smells around told time as accurately as a clock.

These days, I’m looking to surround myself, and my house, with items that take me back to this time of calm and simplicity. These rugs are my trip back in time. With bold, rustic patterns, earthy tones and an undeniable expression of natural beauty and culture. They are that hidden gem that makes a room welcoming and friendly. And, still gives one pause, as you try to figure out their meanings.

IMG_6781-1024x682 Why I Decided to Add Southwestern Rugs All Over My House

With their earthy colors, complemented by a dash of brightness, they rarely clash with the other furnishings in the house. Their bold patterns blend in seamlessly with most color schemes.

I’ve even taken to throwing a rug over an unused chest or corner table, just to get that homely, unique look. Even more recently, I hopped onto the bandwagon that uses rugs as picture hangings and I loved it!

Southwestern Rugs Are Heavily Influenced By Native American Art

Looking back on the rugs and their origin, many tribes and civilizations around Native Americans heavily influenced south-western and western rug styles. They were a culmination of different styles and aspects of traditional cultures. Originally hand-woven, and taking anything between months to years to complete, the rugs quickly became a valued trade item in early Indian Trading Posts, when the settlers and tourists first arrived in the country.

Initially, they were used to line homes, and keep out the cold, or as body wraps to keep warm. Later on, with the advent of the railway, and more exposure to the rest of North America, these western and Mid-western area rugs became highly prized items because of their uniqueness. Their intricate and beautiful designs appealed to many people then just as they still do in this day and age.

Double-Cross-3 Why I Decided to Add Southwestern Rugs All Over My House

Each rug portrayed a theme from religious ceremonies, different activities from everyday life, pictures of animals, birds, or plants; or something from the weaver’s imagination. The attention to detail on the patterns on the rugs from back in those days, was a wonder to behold, considering they were all handcrafted. However, many of the modern southwestern rugs are no longer handmade. Our favorite place to buy southwestern rugs is Southwestern Rugs Depot. Southwestern Rugs Depot has a vast selection of premium southwestern rugs that are authentic and of extremely high quality.

These days, the majority of the rugs are machine-made. This hasn’t, however, lessened the creativity and uniqueness of the rugs designs. Far from it! Machine made rugs still follow the same themes and color schemes typical of antique and handmade area rugs, but made within less time! This means that the rugs are more available in a wider variety of styles and colors to blend into different home interiors.

My appreciation of these area rugs from the western parts of the nation covers all of them; handmade and machine made, antiques and contemporary rugs. Almost all of these rugs will find a place in my home and heart.