It can be exciting to choose how to make a space. Whether you’ve just bought a new home and are tearing out the old flooring or looking to update your current home, there are a couple of advantages to using wooden flooring over other options, such as carpet and tile.

Goes With Any Brand Or Style

Whether you’re designing for a home or business, your floors usually make a first impression and tell a little bit about your place. Because of its neutrality, hardwood flooring fits almost every brand out there. Real estate agents, designers, and everyday people can attest to the power of a gorgeous hardwood floor.

There is a certain elegance to deep cherry and mahogany wood floors that give a sense of formality and elegance, which is a very different reaction from seeing the wood in a bowling alley or a cozy coffee shop. Flooring is more than having a clear path from one destination to another. With so many different types of wood colors, plank sizes, shapes (rectangular versus square) and finishes you will have plenty of options to choose from to ultimately create the mood and feel you want.

Because wood has a classic look, you know that it won’t go out of style and will continue to look good no matter what’s trending. Your newborn will one day not want their room to be bright blue, for example, and you will need to repaint the whole room. But wood can outlast the test of time and change as families grow and companies or shared spaces change. You can change out the furniture, curtains, or make any other design choices in the space and they will likely go with the hardwood floor. If not, then rather than removing the floor you can consider refinishing it to give it a fresh look.

Resists Stains And Scratches

High heels, pets with sharp claws or nails, and children can all potentially threaten the longevity of your flooring. Children drop things, spill dyed juices, glue or paint or other craft supplies, and run (even when you tell them not to in the house) on floors. Animals can scratch and tear carpets to shreds, or leave unpleasant, hard-to-clean stains.

Also, carpeting is a lot more likely to hold in smells and allergens, which can cause some homes to have very strong smells. Hardwood floors, however, are easy to clean even in the worst messes. And in really bad cases, such as animals defecating on the floor, you can use most sanitizing products to clean the mess without ruining the floor. This way you have the confidence that you can keep a floor free of germs and your family and customers healthy without worrying that it will deteriorate the quality in the process.

Easy to Maintain

Hardwood floors can be refinished many times. This will include resanding and staining and is a great solution to any scratches or small dents that occur from particularly hard impacts. Because floors can be refinished many times, they can last several years. Some homes have had their original hardwood floors walked on for decades.

Once you’ve chosen to use hardwood flooring it’s time to call the professionals to get an estimate and to look over several samples of wood and designs to create a space you love.