It’s no wonder that those who gave their lives and well-being to serve our country are some of the most admired. The level of service and sacrifice veterans demonstrate are worthy of endless respect, even more so if their service resulted in lifelong disabilities.

Though we offer our support and respect, why should your first choice for quality products and services be Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprises aka DVBE? In addition, why should DVBE businesses be your go-to for contracting needs? We go over that and more in this article. To support a disabled veteran owned business with a track record for quality engineering services, check out Choice Builder Solutions.


By going with a certified DVBE business, you can be assured of next-level commitment to service. For example, would you rather go with a company that says they stand by their customers, or one you know has credentials to back it up? By going with DVBE a business you can be sure that your support is going towards those who gave so much for us all. Choice Builder Solutions, for example is classified as a DVBE business.

While many businesses offer quality products and services, veteran-owned businesses are in a class all their own. Many people could be business owners, yet not all have what it takes to be veterans. Proven work ethic, knowledge of what it takes to get the job done, and the ability to persevere even if the going gets tough are just a few of the benefits of going with a DVBE.

Contractors you can count on

When trying to choose a company for your contracting and engineering needs, there are several factors that go in to choosing the right one. For example, high-quality materials, a good track record of projects, and an excellent customer experience are vital to getting your expectations met.

By going with contractors who have a DVBE certification, you can be sure that you are receiving engineering services that fit your precise expectations. By going with a California specialty contractor DVBE business such as Choice Builder Solutions, you have the guarantee of quality in addition to past major projects completed, including those for nationally recognized schools such as California State Polytechnic University and Fortune-100 companies such as Amazon.

Aside from strong track-records, excellent customer service, and quality projects, going with a DVBE business for your contracting needs has another interesting aspect to it. As the VA puts aside a certain number of contracts specifically for DVBE contracting businesses, they often have significant experience providing engineering solutions for major government agencies.

The bottom line

When trying to choose which business to support, it’s hard to beat the level of service and commitment you are receiving from veteran-owned businesses. While some companies make a point about their commitment to their customers, it’s hard to know exactly how true that is. With veteran-owned businesses, you can be sure this promise is not just true, but there is military experience to back it up.

In addition, when it comes to engineering projects, DVBE businesses offer a number of advantages over non-DVBE companies. When choosing a DVBE enterprise for your contracting needs, you are often dealing with a company that has taken on contracts for large government agencies and even fortune-100 companies. This record of quality, commitment to customer’s needs, and service makes it clear that DVBE businesses should be your first choice for engineering and contracting jobs.