As we head further into October, you’re probably starting to think about preparing your home for the winter. During those long, lazy days of summer, the last things you want to think about are checking your home’s HVAC system and if the gutters are clean.

However, we hate to break it to you, but giving your house an extensive maintenance check-up is essential to do before the stormy winter weather hits. By ensuring the house is in perfect shape, you’ll prevent any discomfort or damage from happening to your home. By preparing your home now, you won’t have to worry about getting outside for crucial repair work in sub-zero temperatures.

Read on the discover why it’s so important to get the house ready for winter while the weather is still decent enough to step outside without putting on your thermal parka.

Your Furnace Could Break

Imagine this: it’s the middle of a January snowstorm, and you and the entire family are warmly tucked into your beds. Suddenly, you wake up with frost on the inside of the bedroom window, and your face, hands and feet feel like ice cubes. It’s obvious that you need your furnace repaired immediately because, for reasons beyond your control, it stopped working!

Avoid this unpleasant situation by having your furnace checked out by professional, reputable heating and cooling contractors in the fall. The right company will provide excellent service and look at your filter and air registers, and ensure that it’s working well for the long season ahead. They’ll also make appropriate recommendations on other furnace brands if they think you need a system update. Look for a company that also offers 24-7 emergency repair work.

Test the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You should check your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors frequently throughout the year, but it’s especially important to do so now. You and the family will likely spend much more time indoors in the winter than you do the summer, so you want to be safe. You’ll also be cooking more, so you’ll want that smoke alarm in perfect condition.

Clean Out the Gutters

Dirty and cluttered gutters create water overflow, which can fall along the foundation of your house. This process can soften the soil underneath, which can lead to foundation cracks. Sometimes, in extreme cases, water damage caused by neglected gutters can form structural failure in buildings.

On a crisp, sunny fall day, get out your ladder and safely clean out those gutters. Wear a pair of gardening gloves to remove any old leaves, twigs, and other debris with your hands. Then, using a hose, wash the rest of the dirt and sticky remnants down the downspout. While it’s not the most fun activity, at least it’s usually only done once a year!

Depending on where you live, winter can drag on for months. It’s dark and dreary, and many people spend a lot of time inside their homes to escape the cold temperatures. Prepare your home by creating a safe and warm environment so that you can enjoy cozy hang-outs all winter long.