Making the right choice when it comes to replacing windows in your home is pretty crucial, especially as this is a major investment on things intended to last for a few decades.

When it comes to choosing new windows the four key things on your mind are going to be:

  • Cost
  • Design
  • Efficiency
  • Durability

And unless you have your heart set on wooden window frames the choice will really be between UPVC and aluminium double glazed windows. There are fierce debates over which of these options is superior, but the plain truth is they both have some very nice advantages, as well as a few distinct cons.

The case for UPVC double glazed windows

UPVC windows have many important benefits (or advantages over other types), as they are said to:

  • Be extremely durable
  • Be of a high quality
  • Provide better insulation
  • Keep your home free from draughts, and from leaks which can seriously damage the infrastructure of your home over the years.
  • Be maintenance free
  • Leave you with no worries about things like corroding, rotting and fading window frames.
  • Extremely easy both to clean and to keep clean.
  • Be an excellent insulator – retaining heat much better than other types of window can so you get to be cosy and richer!
  • Be extremely lightweight, which means the installation process is both simple and fast.
  • Have a very good lifespan, of at least 20 years without showing signs of age such as faded colours .
  • Be cheaper than other options.
  • Offer the best soundproofing amongst all window types.

There aren’t any obvious disadvantages of UPVC double glazed windows, apart for the designs sometimes being a little less good looking than the aluminium alternative.

The case for aluminium double glazed windows

For all the benefits and advantages of UPVC windows the aluminium option also has some great features. These include:

  • The way they look. Many people believe they are more attractive than UPVC windows.
  • Their durability – many designs are built to last up to 45 years and they will never rust.
  • The wider choice of designs. It’s easy to have this type of window custom made, and the frames can usually be manufactured in a range of colours which makes them very flexible for all kinds of houses.
  • They are eco-friendly, being totally recyclable and sustainable.

The disadvantages of aluminium windows

  • They are not a great choice when it comes to the colder months as aluminium is a material which isn’t good at stopping heat escaping.

The perfect solution for anyone thinking of installing aluminium windows in Melbourne is to take a look at a third option; hybrid design offering the many benefits of UPVC double glazing with the sleek, coveted look of aluminium. Marrying the two together creates a product which is the best of both worlds.