Knowing what type of house to buy for your first home can be very confusing. Many of us lean toward buying a house similar to the one we grew up in. Everyone’s needs for a first home of course vary widely, but there are many reasons why new build houses are a great option for your first step onto the property ladder.

Minimal work

Given that they have just been built, new builds require no renovation work. This is ideal if you’re a first-time buyer who is likely to have very little experience with DIY or larger-scale home projects. This isn’t to say that you can’t get stuck into some home improvements, but it is great that these can be optional additions or amendments rather than essential fixes.

Ready to move into

One of the most stressful parts of moving house is often being part of a chain and waiting on your move in date to be determined by others, and then having to do work to the house before you’re able to do the exciting part. This is why new builds can be ideal as they are ready to move into straight away meaning some of the stress is removed from the process.

Neutral base

Generally, new build homes are designed and decorated in a neutral style. This is perfect for adding your own style and personal touch. Having a neutral base to start with will also save you significant amounts of money as you won’t need to pay for the removal of old carpets and wallpaper before you begin decorating.

Energy efficient

Due to government standards, and a general societal shift towards sustainability, new homes are now built in a more energy-efficient way. This provides you with peace of mind but also allows you to benefit from significant cost savings. Not only is the house built to be more efficient, but it will also be fitted with modern appliances that are far more efficient to run than older models.


This benefit is of course dependent on the stage in which you decide to purchase a new home. If you are fortunate enough to reserve a home early on in the development process, then many developers offer the option to personalise various elements of the property such as the kitchen worktops and carpet colours meaning the home is truly designed to your taste.

Financial support

Buying a home is a massive financial commitment whether you’re a first-time buyer or not. Arguably one of the biggest draws to new build homes for a first-time buyer is the financial support available for purchasing. It is always worth researching what is available as there are often government schemes or lower deposit options on offer.

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