Scandinavian kitchen designs might be taking homes by storm in recent years. Bringing hygge (pronounced as hoo-ga) to your kitchen helps create an atmosphere for household members and guests to cook, eat, laugh, and relax. It’s because this term refers to the definition of a room, and how people feel while staying in it.

Now, you might be considering adding the hygge design to your kitchen. If so, you should know more about the rising popularity of Scandinavian kitchen cabinets.

Functional Simplicity

Hygge kitchen cabinets might incorporate their designs from décor inspired by Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. These locations are relatively small, so many people prize efficiency in home design while maintaining a cozy warmth emanating throughout different areas around their abodes.

Kitchen cabinets sporting the hygge design are both functional and simple. These cupboards might look small, but the functional design helps household members store different kitchen items without too much difficulty.

This modest efficiency of Scandinavian kitchen cabinets also helps ensure that space remains optimal for function. Thus, you may have more space to work around your kitchen. Conversely, the extra space may help you add and use more appliances than before.

Minimalist Appearance

You might see kitchen cabinets with designs that may look like they have several bells and whistles. But kitchen cabinets sporting Scandinavian design might fit the homes of minimalist enthusiasts without worry.

Many kitchen cupboards exuding hygge appearances denote simple looks. You might see several kitchen cabinet designs that sport one or two complementing or contrasting colors that blend well.

For example, you can see several black, white, and gray Scandinavian kitchen cabinets on the market. This color palette might create a cold and clinical look. But the right hues accompanied by other hygge factors for the kitchen help deliver serene and layered appearances.

These kitchen details are ideal for the modern home that wants to maintain a calm and comforting feeling in this room. But if you’re unsure as to which color to pick, consider choosing off-white cabinets paired with cream surfaces. This color combination complements well with wood flooring to offer an authentic Scandinavian experience while you’re hanging out in your kitchen.

Natural Materials

Scandinavian designs often promote the use of natural elements. Thus, many Scandinavian-inspired homes incorporate organic materials across different facets of their properties. This design choice may also come from ideas inspired by kitchen cabinets in countries like Norway and Sweden.

One material to note is wood, and you can find many wooden Scandinavian kitchen cabinets on the market. The warm glow of this material fits well with enthusiasts of the hygge lifestyle. Wood is a material that complements and contrasts with the minimalist and neutral colors of Scandinavian design. Incorporating wooden kitchen cabinets helps lend a rustic feel worthy of hygge kitchens.

Complement your wooden Scandinavian kitchen cabinets with other pieces of décor for the room sporting the same material. For example, if you have red oak kitchen cabinets, opt to use butcher block countertops with a similar look as your cupboards.

Neatly displaying your wooden items is also critical in promoting unity in the kitchen. Remember, harmony among décor is essential when you want to create a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.

Long-Lasting Durability

Many Scandinavian kitchen cabinets can last more than a few years. That lifespan may increase with proper care.

Thus, many homeowners are looking into working with kitchen cabinet providers that know Scandinavian-inspired designs. The investment helps homeowners save money for the long-term.

For instance, you may consider installing mahogany kitchen cabinets in your home. This wooden material is resistant to rot, and it can withstand more than the usual bumps and scrapes. As a bonus, mahogany looks beautiful with its deep shade of reddish-brown. Complement this appearance with other elements of a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen like a wooden coffee station.

Despite the possibility of wooden kitchen cabinets being expensive, you can use these pieces of furniture for years.

Include hygge in your kitchen, and you may escape from the hustles and bustles of life by staying in this specific room of your house. Smell the refreshing air as you cook food with excellent efficiency with a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.


One way to start implementing the hygge lifestyle in your home is through your kitchen cabinets. The benefits listed above might only be a few of the many reasons why these particular kitchen cabinet styles are gaining popularity over the years. However, it should help you to consult reliable kitchen cabinet providers to make sure this room in your house gets the best Scandinavian-inspired furniture.