There is no better way to start your morning than sipping a hot cup of coffee. However, there are a few people who still go to their nearest coffee shop to get their hot espresso or double-shot caramel macchiato. Good thing there’s an easy way to get your favorite coffee in the comfort of your own home by using your coffee maker and some tools to make your mornings more extra. Many companies have redesigned their coffee machine, installing the latest smart technology to make it easier for people to have their favorite coffee drink in the morning.

Here are the reasons why you should consider a smart coffee maker.

Take Full Control

New Smart Coffee Makers make your life easier by adding convenience to your day even before you wake up. Yes, old coffee machines have timers, but this new line of coffee makers let you set a programmable timer and create a routine base on your schedule. Now, you can have a hot cup of coffee, even you are still sleeping. You may also control your machine using your smartphone anytime time of the day. Coffee creates an extraordinary experience, from its flavor to the aroma that you feel as you smell and sip it down. With the help of smart technology, you might not need your alarm clock because your coffee maker can do it for you by waking you up to the intoxicating aromas from your favorite coffee without the need to go out to bed.

2-2 Why You Should Consider a Smart Coffee Maker

Voice Control Activated

Besides taking control of your smart coffee maker using your phone, you can also link them to your smart home assistant device like Alexa and Google Assistant. Since most coffee makers nowadays are Wi-Fi enabled, it will give you a flexible workaround without having to pause and make your coffee. You can throw away simple voice commands to start your coffee maker from brewing, turn on or off, and many more. Make sure you are connected to a wi-fi network to control it seamlessly. If you are looking for the best smart wifi coffee maker, you should check out Hamilton FlexBrew. Linking them with your home assistant device makes you feel like you have a personal secretary to make the coffee for you, exactly when you want to sip a hot coffee.


Not only these smart coffee makers bring convenience to humans, but it also gives back to the environment. The overall design of smart coffee makers allows them to be sustainable. These machines have reusable filters that let you minimize your carbon footprint. You are also reducing the use of single-use plastic on disposable coffee cups, lids, and straws. Plus, imagine the amount of money you are saving from buying expensive coffee from local shops. Your savings will surely benefit from this as well as our planet.

In general, making an upgrade from your usual coffee maker is a good step in embracing a smart life. Yes, the coffee machine makes you a better tasting cappuccino but having additional comfort to your life makes your coffee mornings a little bit extra.