The humble garden shed: it’s weathered the rise of modernism, postmodernism and crazy paving! It has endured garden revolutions and garden makeovers. And it’s still here. More popular than ever!

So why do we still love our garden sheds?

Why do so many millions of us own one, and so many more of us want one?

It’s simple.

Garden fashions may come and go, but the garden shed outlasts them all. And no wonder. It’s practical, it’s versatile (it’s got about a million uses); it’s still the quintessential garden accessory/utility; call it what you will. But it’s not just functional, it’s a feature too.

A garden shed should be as much a part of your garden as your flower beds and your patios.

If you want to make your everyday life easier, investing in a garden shed is the solution. Store your garden tools, equipment, and other things inside the shed to secure and protect them from harsh elements.

Choose a garden shed within your budget and intended purpose without compromising quality and functionality. A metal garden shed is highly recommended. But why choose a metal garden shed over concrete or other materials? Below are good reasons to get a metal garden shed.

Garden sheds aren’t just for gardeners anymore!

The garden shed is the gardener’s essential accessory that we all covet. After all, just because we love our gardens, it doesn’t necessarily mean we love gardening. That’s why the modern garden shed isn’t just a repository for garden equipment!

There are still sheds for storage of course, but there are sheds for pretty much everything else too. Bike sheds, children’s sheds and potting sheds; not to mention workshop sheds, offices and bespoke playrooms, all modelled on the design and principle of the garden shed.

And then there are the summer houses, playhouses; even log cabins!

The garden shed is infinitely variable and infinitely surprising. Office space, play space or even decorative space; the garden shed can be all of these things and many more.

Best of all, because gardens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; so do garden sheds. Got a little postage stamp garden? Then how about a wall-mounted storage shed or corner shed; neat, compact, and perfect for storing toys and tools tidily away.

Got a bigger garden with space to fill? Then the sky’s the limit! Ever dreamed of owning your very own log cabin? Wondering about a workshop? Thinking about an office? There are garden sheds to fulfil any need, any criteria – at price tags to suit every customer.

And you’ll find them all in here. We’ve got sheds to suit every need and ideas to inspire you.

Garden sheds aren’t just available in multitudinous styles, they’re available in a range of materials too. Metal, plastic and wood; variously coloured, shaded and finished – all ready to add the finishing touch to your garden.

Garden sheds are designed and built with all manner of demanding consumers in mind. They’re designed to accommodate our budgetary and spatial constraints, as well as our need for ease of assembly, and our demands of form and function. They’re designed with modern consumers in mind, built to last and built to use. That’s why garden sheds are still so popular. That’s why they’ll stay popular.

If you didn’t already know it, you soon will: sheds are stylish; sheds are multi-functional; sheds are fun!

Why we recommend metal Sheds

Metal sheds aren’t just designed for durability; they’re designed to last. And last!

The metal shed is the last line in impervious, impregnable outhouse. Surely strong enough to double as an Anderson bomb shelter – hardy enough to look after itself.

No maintenance required.

No construction worries either.

Metal sheds are designed to be simple, straightforward and, above all, quick to construct. Flatpack to standing shed in no time. All of which means complete security in less time than it takes to paint the thing. (Not bad, considering metal sheds come fully painted!)

How strong are metal sheds?

So, metal sheds are tough. We’ve established that much. But just how tough?

Typically, metal sheds are constructed from galvanised steel, coated with PVC, painted – and then painted again. They can’t be broken into, they can’t be moved, and they’ll shrug off the very worst that the English winters can throw at them.

With bolted doors, stainless steel hasps and padlock fittings; even optional alarms, your shed is your fortress. And there’s still more security. While exact requirements will vary very slightly from shed to shed, most metal sheds are designed to be bolted to the ground for even greater stability – and even greater strength. (All the necessary fittings are of course provided as standard.)

All of this security means that metal sheds are an ideal solution to your insurance worries. Kit-cars, motorbikes, mowers and more can be locked away securely. So securely in fact, that many metal sheds are certified by the Loss Certification Board, and designated Security Rating 1!

Because metal sheds cater for your more specialised requirements, you’ll find they’re customisable to your requirements too. Want a window? Fine. Two windows? Okay. No windows? No problem. And don’t forget the add-ons. Additional shelves, security and even flooring are all available. Just pick your perfect shed and then make it a little more perfect!

Sounds good; so where’s the catch?

Well, one would generally expect to have to sacrifice design for the sake of security; and choice for the cost. But not in this case.

Metal sheds are available in garden greens and subtle ivory colours; they’re designed with everyday consumers in mind – not commercial clients. That means they’re built for all-purpose practicality, but designed for your garden. They’re made to industrial-strength standards, not charged at industrial-grade prices.

So, they’re strong – and they look good – and they’re affordable – but why use a metal shed when wood would do? Because there is nothing else like it: safe, secure and easy to manage: metal sheds are fireproof, intruder proof and virtually damage-proof. Whatever’s in there, stays in there – safe, dry and utterly untouched.

Choosing A Metal Shed Company

Many companies are offering metal garden sheds. While metal garden sheds have excellent features and benefits, buying one from a trusted supplier is crucial. The prices of metal garden sheds differ from one company to another, depending on the quality, size, material, and other related factors.

Review the company profile and its metal shed products by visiting its website. You may also read reviews and ask for referrals or expert recommendations. By doing so, you’ll get the most out of your metal garden shed purchase.


Make your garden more functional and aesthetically appealing by installing a metal garden shed. Gain peace of mind knowing that you can store your garden tools, equipment, and supplies in a secure area. With a metal shed, you don’t just store, you protect.