It’s your bedroom after all and no one sees it but you, so what does it matter what it looks like?

Unfortunately, that is a common misconception which many people have and why, unwittingly, they just might be having trouble getting a good night’s rest.

More sleep studies have been conducted than you probably care to know about, but the consensus is that bedroom décor is more important than the average person believes. Also, that mattress might be a big issue, but guess what?

It isn’t the only thing keeping you from getting comfy and cozy as you try to drift off to Neverland.

Avoid Loud Colors

bedroom-decor Why Your Bedroom Décor Might Be More Important Than You Think

The first place you should begin when seeking to redecorate your bedroom so that you can improve your sleeping habits is to look at the colors around you.

Sleep experts all say that loud colors can be a huge issue. You’ve heard the expression “bright and bold” often enough to recognize the connection between bright colors and a bold sense of energy.

That is not what you want in your bedroom. Neutral and pastel earth tones are ideally suited to your bedroom, and if you must have a splash of color, do so with linens, draperies and assorted decorations. Just don’t go overboard! Can you sleep through loud noises? Probably not!

Well, loud colors have the same effect on your brain, so keep those noisy colors to a minimum.

The Bed Is the Focal Point of Any Bedroom

focal-point Why Your Bedroom Décor Might Be More Important Than You Think

Going back to that mattress mentioned above, have you ever slept at a friend’s house or a motel where you just got the best night’s sleep?

You noticed that the mattress was firmer or softer than your own or that the pillows seemed to support your head and neck better. Perhaps the bedding was soothing to the touch, which simply made you feel warm and welcome.

According to Downcomforterexpert.Com, most people find that organic goose down comforters provide a higher level of warmth for people in cold climates and are better suited to comfort levels than today’s synthetic fills.

Perhaps another cliché would serve well at this point. You’ve heard the expression “Soft as a feather,” and that is what is so enticing about down comforters. They truly are soft as a feather.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Modern-Farmhouse-Bedroom-Decor Why Your Bedroom Décor Might Be More Important Than You Think

Just as bold colors and loud noises can be distracting when you are trying to put your mind at rest in the evenings, so to does clutter and disarray interfere with relaxation. While you should keep your entire home neat and tidy, there is nowhere near as important as the bedroom when it comes time to do a bit of decluttering.

Sparsely decorate your dressers and night tables and keep pictures to a minimum. Some experts say that you should choose décor for its calming effect.

For example, pictures of lovely landscapes, softly gurgling water fountains, and even the soft sound the movement of air by fans can help provide the calming atmosphere needed for relaxing those tightly stressed muscles. Don’t let bedroom décor deprive you of the sleep your body needs to function its best.