We all enjoy looking out of crystal clear and clean windows. It is such a delight, isn’t it? So much so that as spring approaches, we are immediately reminded to wash them if they aren’t clean. Windows, skylight, solariums, French doors, sliders, etc., gradually build up filth and gets obscured both inside and outside, limiting your views and stifling valuable sunshine. What is worse is the hefty streaks that poor cleaning leaves behind.

For homeowners, having clear and clean windows make your home much more appealing and visitors a good first impression. For commercial establishments, clean windows are a great way to display your goods. To keep windows looking clean, we recommend cleaning them thoroughly at least twice a year. The following tips will help.

What is the ideal time to clean windows?

Depending on where you live and how easily your windows get dirty, you should plan window cleanings at different times of the year. In general, washing windows should be done at least once or twice a year, in addition to as needed, and should include cleaning any window screens at least once.

Window cleaning experts advise against washing windows on hot days or when the sun is directly overhead since the heat may cause the glass to dry too rapidly, and the cleaner dries onto the hot windows before you can wipe it off, producing difficult-to-remove streaks.

For the cleanest finish and longer drying time, cleaning windows on a cloudy day without bad weather is advised. The ideal temperature is between mid-sixties and seventies degrees Fahrenheit.

You will do well to take note of the following;

–          To avoid dirt build-up and glass damage, you may need to clean your windows more frequently if they are often exposed to air pollution, debris, or dust.

–          If you wash your windows during a rainy season, be sure that dried-up raindrops do not leave marks as it will only make your home appear as though it has been power washed. Precipitation can cause spots on dirty windows, so if it rains, ensure you wipe away any dirt with the squeegee.

–          Even though spring has a reputation for being a season when the weather is often pleasant, with the correct equipment, you can clean your windows at any time of year. Seasons with mild weather, like spring or autumn, are preferable over cleaning windows in the summer’s heat and direct sunshine or the winter’s cold, which could be uncomfortable for hands and cold windows.

–          To avoid a sudden temperature fluctuation that could break your windows when washing your windows in the winter, mix antifreeze into the window cleaning solution and use cold water instead of hot water. If using a ladder, use additional caution and only lukewarm water to defrost frosted windows.

How do I maintain clean windows?

Your home’s value and appeal might be diminished by dirty windows. Maintaining the cleanliness of your windows also helps shield the glass from environmental deterioration and maintain its clarity over time.

–          Clean windows as frequently as you can. Pay particular attention to any crevices or corners where dust can collect, which can reduce dirt buildup over time. Window screens can shield your windows by preventing debris from pollen, insects, and grime from adhering to the glass. Maintaining spotless window screens will help prevent rain-spattered external windows in your home.

–          Your windows will stay immaculate longer if you use a two-step window cleaning procedure. Start by clearing your windows of dirt using a vacuum before proceeding to the wet scrub.

–          Use a professional window cleaning solution. It could come with extras like rain-repellent to help prolong the intervals between washings. Use a squeegee, mop, or towel to wipe the window clean after spraying it to remove any extra liquid that might drip down the glass and cause it to crack.

A step-by-step guide to cleaning windows

Now that you are aware of the frequent blunders to avoid, continue reading for our detailed instructions on how to effectively clean your windows, both inside and outside, without streaks.

–          With a vacuum, duster, or cloth, begin by clearing the window frame, tracks, and sill of dust. The same can be done with your blinds or shades. This is an excellent time to take down and wash your curtains if you have them, making sure to follow the care recommendations.

–          Remove the displays from your devices to vacuum or brush the dust off of them. If you believe they require a more thorough cleaning, wash them with a warm, sudsy solution, then rinse and let them air dry fully.

–          Use a lot of glass cleaning solution to liberally spray your windows.

–          Wipe your windows from top to bottom with a lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth. Continue wiping them until the glass is streak-free.

–          Use a soft brush or disposable cloth to clean the exterior of your windows and frames while your screens are drying in order to get rid of any loose dust and grime.

Do the same on the exterior window glass. To get rid of all the outside grit, you’ll probably need to put in a little extra effort or just a few extra rounds of spraying and wiping. Depending on how your windows are made, you might be able to clean all sides of them from inside your home, or if your storm windows are detachable, remove them entirely for cleaning.

Hire a professional cleaner

Although cleaning your own windows is a great pain, the advantages are difficult to overlook. Nobody wants to spend their free time on the weekend performing laborious cleaning tasks, especially if there is a danger that you can hurt yourself. You are indeed a rare breed if, on a perfectly excellent weekend afternoon, you look forward to carrying a ladder, squeegee, and heavy bucket, scrubbing and washing around the interior and exterior of your home. Most people prefer to use expert window cleaning services to complete the task quickly and correctly.

Due to the messy, laborious, and dangerous nature of the task, as well as the fact that amateur window cleanings don’t provide nearly as good of results, professional Window Cleaning in New York are widely sought after.

They get the job done in a lot less time and tend to do a much tidier job, leaving your windows clean for longer. They could really make your windows dazzle because they have all the equipment and potent cleaning treatments, including chemicals that only they can manage properly.

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