Working from home is sometimes harder than a for a business. Your home probably isn’t designed for work ergonomics. Do you have these home offices must haves?

Working from home used to be a pipe dream for most people. We didn’t have the technology to make it possible, and companies didn’t want work done out of the office. That trend has changed in recent years.

Reports show that 41% of businesses now offer some kind of remote work position. Experts expect that number to increase in the coming years.

The problem is that without the right work environment, you aren’t going to get much done. If you want to be productive at home, there are a few office must-haves you need to look into. Keep reading to learn about six things that can help you work better at home.

  1. Stand-Up Desk

Sitting in a chair all day takes a toll. If you don’t spend time moving around, you could end up with back issues.

A stand-up desk is an easy way to improve your posture and health throughout the day. Just push a button to go from sitting to standing.

  1. Wrist Rest

Do you spend most of your time at the office typing? Even if you position your desk and chair correctly, your wrists can still become strained.

A wrist rest provides you a way to rest your wrists. They will help relieve the stress and inflammation that happens throughout the day.

  1. Footrest

You might think that your feet are stress-free when you’re sitting down all day. You’d be wrong.

Your feet are under pressure when you’re sitting down as well. A footrest provides a way to relieve the stress on your feet and help circulate blood.

  1. Ergonomic Chair

Your chair shouldn’t only be comfortable. It should also help support you as you work through the day.

Make sure your chair is ergonomic. It should provide lumbar support to help your posture while you work through the day.

Make sure to look through a list of the top office chairs you can buy. Spending a little more upfront can save your neck and back in the future.

  1. Monitor Arm

You’re going to be moving your neck up and down all day if your monitor isn’t in the right position. Over time, this can lead to neck issues.

A monitor arm will allow you to place your monitor at the perfect height. You won’t need to strain your neck to see your work anymore.

  1. Lighting

The last thing you need to do is spend your day straining your eyes in lousy lighting. Without an adequate lighting setup, this is what’s going to happen.

You don’t need to change the lighting of the entire room. A simple office light is enough to help relieve the stress on your eyes.

Investing in These Office Must-Haves Is Worth It

You might be fine working at home in the beginning. However, things change after you spend enough time working from home. Make sure to try the office must-haves above to keep doing great work from home.

Once you have your office ergonomics in place, you can start focusing on making it look nice. Head back to our blog to find design ideas to help bring your home office to life.