Summer is unquestionably the easiest time to clean your yard. Your flowers are in bloom, your grass simply needs trimming, and there is very little to rake up. Unfortunately, however, autumn is nearly upon us, and we all know what that means, don’t we? Leaves, and lots of them. Wet conditions make cleaning your yard a real chore, but with the help of this comprehensive guide, you will know the fastest, most efficient, and most effective methods of cleaning up your yard.

It is important to add, despite harsh weather conditions, you should never allow your yard to fall into disarray. It can devalue your house and your neighbor’s homes and create a ghastly mess that nobody wants to look at.  Out of respect for all parties concerned, keep your yard clean and tend to it regularly. Here are some yard cleaning tips and tricks from the experts.

Use a Mulcher

Mulchers are a type of shredder suited best to your garden waste. While they look like a woodchipper, they are not, and cannot handle the same kinds of debris that would be disposed of inside a woodchipper. Deciding to use these mulchers for your garden is a great idea and a great way to quickly remove any unwanted leaves and debris. You can find mulchers with vacuums attached, which will allow you to hoover up the leaves, instead of having to rake them up in a pile and discard them into the mulcher by hand. These vacuum mulchers are very efficient and effective and can save you a lot of time. You can use them in all types of weather, whether it be rain, sleet, or snow. Mulchers should be something everybody has in their garage so that when autumn comes around, you do not get bogged down by leaves.

Shrubs and Trees

You should regularly trim away dying or diseased branches from your trees and shrubs to give them a good foundation to grow upon. You should reduce the branches from public footpaths and your garden, also, so that they do not become broken or damaged by passers-by. This will also make your garden look more uniformed and orderly. An untended garden looks haphazard and uninviting, whereas one wherein the trees are all manicured and tended to looks’ inviting and carefully designed. It will also allow for more oxygen, sunlight, and air to get into the trees and shrubs.

Clear Beds

It is very easy to clear your lawn of fallen leaves and debris, but your garden bed not so much. The leaves will become intertwined with the plants growing in your garden beds and thus you will find it difficult to clean them. Notwithstanding the difficulty in cleaning, it is essential that you do clean them, as otherwise, your plants will not have room to grow. Flowerbeds that are layered in debris and leaves will never flourish, and therefore, you must meticulously and carefully trim away any debris and rubbish and clean up your beds.


Experts recommend always cleaning your pathways and patios and ensuring that they do not fall into disrepair. They can become cracked, uneven, or dirt can grow between them. You must always tend to your patio, as a garden that is tended to and in good condition will be ruined by an untended patio and pathways. If you notice your pathways are cracked (or cracking) repair them or replace them, lest they deteriorate further. Regularly brush and clean your patio to remove dirt and stains that could be forming atop the slabs. Scrub between, also, and pull weeds out.


fuchsia-3383825_1280 Yard Cleaning Tips and Tricks from the Experts

You should plant flowers year-round. There are flowers and plants that can grow in all conditions. If you do not plant things in your garden, it will look empty and sparse. To create a clean and harmonious yard, plant and tend to them regularly. Be sure to water your plants in drier months.


Experts also recommend cleaning your garden furniture regularly. Owing to their outdoor placement, they can very easily grow mildew and mold on them in hard to reach places. You should regularly clean the furniture, even when you will not be using it. This way, you can ensure that your furniture is ready for summer (or whenever you decide to use it) and that you will be able to sit on it comfortably without your clothes becoming dirty or stained. It also gives your garden a much nicer appearance when you keep your furniture in good condition and well cleaned.

Now you know how to keep your yard clean, as told by the experts. Keeping your yard clean is just as important as keeping your house clean. A house can never be clean if the yard is unclean, and vice versa.