Depending on what kind of housing you live in, your options for air conditioning can change dramatically. The choice may seem overwhelming, but once you take into consideration the kind of place you live and its own limitations, your choices will narrow themselves down.

This is a quick look at what kind of air conditioning systems will work in which types of housing. Always talk to an HVAC technician before making a decision.

 123 Your Guide to Finding the Right AC for Your Home


As an apartment-dweller, you don’t get much say in your heating system, though to be fair, most homebuyers continue to use the system that the property came with rather than deal with costly renovations.

If you’re renting in an older building or a smaller one, you probably won’t have central air, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with fans. Small apartments can get hot fast, especially when you only have windows on one or two walls.

A few tips for apartment dwellers include:

  • Finding a unit that cools enough square feet to cover your entire apartment
  • Using a portable AC that doesn’t take up too much floor space and that you can easily move with you to your next apartment
  • Avoid using a humidifier while the AC is running
  • Seal up air leaks that could be causing your heating or AC to run more than necessary, especially if the landlord isn’t up-to-date on small repairs


One of the perks of homeownership is choosing your heating and cooling system. A central air conditioning system is the most convenient choice, and the most aesthetically pleasing, as they won’t take away the use of a window. Central air conditioning and a forced air furnace use the same ducts and vents, and the same HVAC company can set both up.

For the budget conscious or for smaller homes, a window AC unit may be sufficient, but it will mean there’s a window that you can’t use. Find a central location for a window AC unit.

Heritage Houses

Older houses often lack the ducts that make central air conditioning systems and forced air furnaces possible. Ducts can be installed in some cases, though it can be expensive work. In some cases, there just may not be enough room to install ducts without becoming intrusive for the homeowner.

Thankfully, you can use a ductless air conditioning system. A ductless air conditioning system will have multiple cooling units so that you can set the temperature room by room. It’s an incredibly versatile system that will work wonders in an older home.

Not only will ductless air conditioning systems work in older homes, they can also be more efficient than other systems because there are no pressure imbalances or air leaks.

Wherever you live, this handy guide on air conditioners can help you decide which system will work best in your home. From apartments to new builds to heritage houses, there’s an air conditioning system that will work. Talk to an HVAC technician about your options, installation, and placement.