Doing your own interiors can be immensely satisfying, but when you’re doing everything yourself, you will have to take your own risks. Whether you’re nailing while high up on a ladder or using some second-hand power tools, you need to know how to avoid accidents. It can be a lot cheaper to do things yourself, but not when that price tag involves medical bills. Make sure you read the following tips to keep injuries to a minimum.

Run a Tight, Tidy Ship

When you keep things tidy and neat, you avoid doing something pointless: creating your own hazards. Many accidents happen simply due to a messy floor, so make sure you keep your floor organized and clean while you’re doing home improvement. Never allow any power cables to tangle up, as they will become immediate trip hazards. You should also pay special attention to the location of any power tools or of other sharp and dangerous tools that could be stepped on or accidentally leaned on etc. If you are dealing with old wood that you have taken down to replace, make sure you pull out old nails and put them in a designated container.

Read all Owner’s Manuals!

There are an estimated 78,980 accidents across the country every year from using just one power tool – the table saw. Hopefully this should demonstrate the danger of power tools, and the importance of making sure you know what you’re doing. You might feel like you know how to use a certain tool, but if something goes wrong and you get injured, that injury will be on you if you weren’t clearly following instructions. Malfunctions can happen, and if you need a lawyer to help you, they won’t be able to make as strong a case if you clearly weren’t abiding by the owner’s manual.

Dress Properly

You can dress in flip-flops some other time – when you’re doing any home improvement, you need to be dressed properly. You don’t have to wear overalls, but you do need to have some tough clothing, with gloves that can protect you from splinters and nails and work boots that will help to give you grip and protect your toes if you drop something sharp on them. If you use power tools, you should wear safety glasses – your eyes are too valuable to lose!

Make Sure Your Ladders Are on Flat Surfaces

When you climb your ladder, first make sure that you’ve put it not only on a flat surface but a firm one too. If the surface is covered in grit or some sandy particles, you should make sure it’s clean, so your ladder doesn’t slip while you’re climbing it. Make sure you keep your weight centered – which also means avoid leaning to one particular side. You should never use the top two rungs, as you are far more likely to slip and hurt yourself. You should also never go up on your roof when the weather is bad or if it’s got a steeper pitch than 5 in 12.