Designing the perfect laundry space is not as difficult as you may think. Follow these steps, and you will be able to design a dream laundry room that is beautiful and organized. The first thing you should do is plan out your dream laundry space so it can become a reality!

Once you’ve considered the functionality of the design it’s time to consider the style.

You dream laundry space might include a modern, sleek design or a traditional feel. You might also prefer to make it fun by adding some bright colors and patterns. 

There is no right or wrong way to create your dream laundry room. The key is making sure that it meets all of the needs you require. Below are few key areas to consider.

Washing machine and clothes dryer options

Consider the style of clothes dryer and washing machine that will best fit your space.

For a sleek design consider using an integrated washer and dryer, or if you have the space go for a freestanding machine.

If you prefer to use an energy efficient front loader then measure your available floor area before making a purchase.

Budget factors in too – some washing machines are more expensive to purchase than others but they can often save on running costs depending on how they work.

Select your bench top style

Many of us can never have enough bench space, particularly in a laundry room. 

The choice of bench top should be made with function and design in mind depending on your preference. Materials range from stainless steel to marble, so you have many choices available to suit different tastes and budget. 

Consider the realities of how you use your laundry

Do you need to dry clothes on a drying rack above your bench top? Would the space be better suited for an ironing board and table with storage below? Will you have room for lots of hangers or just a few? Is it important that there is space next to the washing machine, so you have plenty of elbow room to work in.

Use a rug or mat in your laundry

The flooring in your laundry makes a big difference to the cleaning, and the acoustics of the space. Most laundries come with hard floors so a simple rug or mat might be a wise choice.

Hardwood floors may look great however they are probably not a good choice since water spills may affect them. Carpets can also be impractical if they get wet however a removal mat or rug can be easily removed, cleaned or replaced as required.

A rug or mat will prevent the hard floor from being cold and slippery, and can also provide a bit of insulation. This is especially important if you have to use your laundry in wintertime as it may get quite chilly! The right rug or mat could make all the difference between feeling like an oasis of calm functionality – or just another chore.

Laundry storage space

Consider your storage space for laundry items such as the supplies you need to make your dream laundry happen. The more efficient the storage space is, the better because they’ll help your space be functional and save time on doing laundry!

It’s also important you find a place where all of your appliances can be stored in a spot so that when it’s time to do laundry, you can easily move from one task to the next.

Don’t forget about space for folding and hanging clothes! 

Mobile laundry services

There’s a growing trend to use services that pick up your dirty washing from your home and return it washed and pressed in a day or two. These kinds of services are sweeping the globe. There’s a great explanation of how this kind of service can work at Jim’s Laundry Services in Melbourne, Australia. You’ll probably find similar services no matter where you are in the world. It is an efficient way to clean your clothes, but at the same time most of us still require a basic laundry for urgent daily needs. 

If you plan to use mobile laundry services, you could consider styling your home laundry to make it practical for other purposes. Maybe it could function as a sitting room where you could read a good book. Maybe you could transform it into a room suitable for art and craft. The opportunities are endless when you think creatively.

The dream laundry is the one that’s designed to be practical, but also indulgent. You want a space where you can escape from your worries for a while, so think about how you’ll achieve this when designing your dream laundry space. Indulgence could mean plenty of storage and drawers, cushions on the floor or just a little place you go to get some peace and quiet.

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