Wall serves an important role in shaping a nice home environment. Bare space walls provide us with a boring appearance. Many people seem to believe that this is a costly process meant only for luxury cities.

In reality, you don’t have to spend too much to design your wall. So, we’ve collected some of the best wall decor ideas for you to simplify your living. Scroll down to know more about the ten best wall decor ideas that help in styling up your blank wall.

Wall Decor Ideas for a Blank Wall

1.   Wall Shelves

Wall shelves change the look of your room by placing the important objects in a structured manner. These ideas would be a great shift, particularly in limited spaces. Make good use of an empty area above the neck level and quickly track your pieces, saving time.

Floating shelves can be a great support. They are designed for many purposes and can store decorative objects like candles, flower vessels, pictures, etc. Wall shelves can be perfect for decorating your wall.

2.   Canvas Art

Canvas wall art can be used in big living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, bars, offices, etc. You can purchase canvas prints online to decorate your walls beautifully.  Hanging such items on your walls is not a concern as the lightweight wooden frames are pressed tight with strapping bars.

It is also fitted with gallery wrapping, hooks, along with the necessary accessories. The canvas art should appear on the wall and the level of the sofa or the bed for good reasons.

3.   Mirrors

You can decorate your bare wall with beautiful and decorative mirrors. It gives a colorful look to your home.

They can be perfectly placed over the fireplace or a living room to give your white walls a visual appearance. They are sold across a broad spectrum of the industry and are of various forms. However, you have to choose to fit your wall and your house better.

4.   Wall clocks

Almost every household has clocks. Wall clocks give an attractive appearance to your house. You can see wall clocks in houses where people are attracted to have some older style on their walls.

They are practical, trendy and bring charm to your walls. Choices for old or vintage wall clocks are ideal for enhancing some interest in traditional designs and country styles.

The best part about wall clock designs is that you can still add some design to the appearance. There are several other wall clock decor ideas based on your personal choice.

5.   3D Panels

Three-dimensional panel walls can be a perfect decoration for your walls. They are so large, so they are mostly used in large rooms. Instead, they should not cover the entire wall focusing on parts that draw residents’ and guests’ attention.

They are primarily installed in living rooms, lobbies, walls, TV backdrop, and bedrooms. You can also choose shiny, patterned panels. Colors and designs are the distinctive characteristics of wall decoration that are given preference by interior designers.

6.   Tapestries

The tapestry can be a good idea for wall decorations. The wall tapestry hangings have luminous colors and transparent pictures that are visually impressive and hard to resist. Decorate with only one in your living room or bedroom, and you will never think of leaving your room.

They are also ideal for outdoor activities such as picnics, beach lights, porch hangs, etc. The porous but long-lasting material is easy to clean and dry quickly. Please use cold water and zero bleaches when cleaning the tapestries.

7.   Wall Lamps

Modern wall lamps seem to have equal preferences in-wall design ideas. The lamp holder normally has an oil-burning finish that makes the space brighter and better.

Another idea of wall lighting is the window curtain lights. They are waterproof and can be changed in various modes using a remote control. They can be attractive when used on special events such as Christmas, birthday celebrations, and wedding parties.

8.   Paintings

Paintings are a traditional piece of art that draws the full beauty of your wall and house. Sculptures will add high art and abstract feeling to your wall, similar to art and pictures.

They give your wall and home a lot of extra excitement. It would help if you choose the appropriate sculptures for your blank wall. Then it can just give your bare wall an exceptional look and improve the appearance of your home.

9.   Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are large timber or metallic structures placed on walls. Apart from the walls, the hanging points are often used for important products up to a weight of 30 kilos. The compact size and several color options of the wall hooks are the most remarkable.

They enhance the appearance of a dining room, a shower, a cuisine, offices, bedrooms, etc. You can still hang related materials on them, depending on your venue. Wall hooks support every interior or office decor with multiple functionalities. Many people love their simplicity and compactness, which prove to be an invaluable value for interior design.

10. Hanging plants

Dressing up your wall with beautiful hanging plants gives your space an outstanding appearance. The areas rich in natural lights give a beautiful look with nice and attractive hanging plants.

You can take the idea of vertical gardens to give a magnificent look to your bare wall in a colorless setting. You can do this simply by using old picture frames, antique bins, reclaimed wood, and many more items in your home. You can quickly make lovely wall decor.


A home is a relaxing place to relax after a long day of work. Every room gives an excellent appearance to your home. Wall furnishings add a lot to your home. Many wall decoration ideas improve your home’s elegance. Hence, we hope the above wall decoration ideas will help you to style up your blank walls.

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