If you are planning to renovate your home or office or planning to decorate your rooms yourself with a touch of your personality then this is the perfect guide for you.

Revamping the walls is an important step to adding a distinctive appeal to your home. Having dull and ugly walls can turn off your mood and make you feel lethargic. On the other hand, unique colours and accents can help you to transform your room into a home designer’s delight.

Awesome Wall Decoration Ideas For Home

Walls are the most important and distinctive aspect of your home and keeping these updated with the latest trends and styles can bring a fresh breather and garner praises from all. Choosing a few artistic elements, interesting wall art, etc. can make the area feel cosy and comfortable. Moreover, you do not have to break a bank while decorating these areas.

You can opt for decorative wooden shelves, floating displays, mirrors, stickers, macrame pieces, unconventional key holders for walls, boho accents, wooden hanging, etc. to bring alive your walls.

  1. Decorating your living room walls

It is easy to decorate your living spaces by choosing paintings, pictures, showcase items, etc. You can choose from minimal designs to high-end classics to upgrade your home as per your plan.

Since the area is one of the most used places in the home, it must be comfortable and rich in aesthetic appeal. A good idea is to select items that enhance its vibrancy while binding the furniture.

  • Mirror for the wall

Mirrors are a boon for a small room. This makes the room appear large yet airy. This brings a brighter feel to the space. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a small set of mirrors to oversized ones.

  • Statement fabrics

Fabrics can be added to walls to add charm to the walls. You can opt for a tapestry or patterns to get the best results for your walls. To add an airy appeal, combine hanging planters along with lightweight curtains.

  1. Dining room decor

The dining room can be enhanced with a twist. Choose enamel plates, family heirlooms, etc. to enhance your walls.

Experts suggest placing china or porcelain on walls along with strobe lights to add a refreshing mood to the limited spaces.

Similarly, wall mounts can be used for hanging plants or artificial flowers. These also add a relaxing vibe to the room.

  • Touch of royalty

To dine in style, add Rajasthani paintings or decorating elements to your dining area.

Similarly, a vintage photo frame with a golden finish can also be used to achieve similar results.

  1. Decorating kids room

When you plan to decorate your kid’s room, it is important to choose bright colours. These look sunny and happy during the day and bring a beautiful appeal under night lights. Choosing stickers and key holders for the wall can help to add to the overall decor.

  • Nature-inspired theme

The Kid’s room can be decorated with a range of animals and plant-inspired posters. Adding a green wall and then displaying their favourite animals can help them to feel comfortable in their room.

Animals like giraffes, monkeys, lions, etc. are commonly available themes which add to the thrill of the space. Opting for a duck or deer themed key holder for the wall, etc. adds to the functionality of the room that can be used to teach them about organising skills. It also boosts their learning abilities.

  • Bring alive space

Kids love space and are intrigued by its vastness. Choose stickers of planets and stars to brighten up the area. Similarly, one can choose wall or fairy lights to bring alive the room walls on a budget. This boosts your kid’s imagination and creativity.

  1. Choosing wall paints
  • Pastels to boost your DIY projects

If you have a knack for details or love to take up DIY projects for home improvement or look for frequent changes to your room decor plan then opt for pastel shade for walls. These are both soothing and blend well with almost all decor accents or decor plans.

To create a statement look and to satisfy your wanderlust, you can display a world map sticker or stencil. You can highlight your bucket list and then get motivated to achieve your goals.

  • The quotes on the wall

For upgrading your home office or study, you need to invest in interesting quotes for your walls. You can choose picture frames, quote collages, stencils, etc. to inspire you.

You can also opt for bringing fresh life to the space by choosing a key holder for the wall and placing small planters to satisfy your green thumb. A few of these can be placed near your work table to place keys or to sort important stuff. After all you simply need a good organizer to breathe life into such areas.

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